Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Turtle Sitting

We went over to our friend's house today to turtle-sit for them while they are away. The turtles got excited when they saw food coming! Well, Todd actually fed them fully yesterday, so today was only a snack. Shh... We also took the opportunity to use their fully-functioning kitchen and made a turkey potato soup for dinner. They finished staining our cabinets today. The doors and drawer fronts still need to be brought back, but here it is. This is a cinnamon-colored stain on maple wood. Todd really loves it. I think it's a little dark. But it's "his" kitchen, so I'm very happy that he loves it. :p


  1. this is coming out great!! u and todd are the cutest!!

  2. So interesting to care for the turtles! Funny little animals. And a great opertunity to cook food. =)

    I think it is a really nice color on the kitchen cabinets. We have a white kitchen, but I was leaning towards the oak-cabinets when we choose. I like the wood-look in a kitchen.

  3. I love the stain on the cabinets! It is really coming together--I know that you are more than ready to have your house back to yourselves!

  4. Evidently I was reading your blog a little to fast, because I read "Turtle Potato Soup" instead of "Turkey Potato Soup"...I choked on my coffee then realized that you and Todd probably wouldn't have used your friends pets to make your dinner...so I scrolled back up and tried again. I was very relieved to read the word 'Turkey'. :D

    I love, love, love the cabinets. I think they may look dark because your flooring isn't in place..cannot wait to see that groovy countertop!

    I cannot tell you how much your comment meant to me yesterday! You are one of the blessings that God has sent my way this year..and I am so thankful!

  5. sorry to 'double comment', but you are the star of the show over at simply yin's blog...just thought you'd like to know!! You Rock!

  6. wow it´s coming out great! and the turtles are so cute!!

    Your food looks another time delicious!!

  7. Slow and Poke thank you very, very much for feeding them while we were gone. The first thing we did upon return tonight was clean their water...man oh man did they put up a stink (ha ha).


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