Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dinner with Sally

Tonight I took Sally out to Busalacchis for dinner for her birthday. I had never been there before but had always heard good things about it. I had purchased a gift certificate for Busalacchis way back in September but had forgotten to use it. is a discount dining certificate consolidator. Basically, you pay like $10 for the $25 gift certificate, with the stipulation that you order two entrees. It's a good deal if you can find restaurants you like or want to try out in their list. We shared a fried calamari appetizer, which was delicious! We also shared a spinach, avocado, walnut, pear, and goat cheese salad, but I forgot to take a photo of it because I dug in right away! :) Then Sally had the Lunetti (half-moon mushroom pasta, sage, lemon zest, artichokes and cheese): And I had the Linguini alle Vongole (clams, garlic, olive oil, and a touch of white wine): It was really really good. They had great garlic bread that came with the meal. I'm going to take Todd there sometime! We skipped dessert because we were both full. I say rain check for next time, hee hee. I had such a fun girls-only time with Sally. You know you have a great friend when the conversation is easy and you never have to think of the next thing to say. I was pleasantly surprised when Tracey pointed out to me today that some of my Project 365 layouts were featured on Yin's blog. Yin had asked me a while ago and I had forgotten about it. I really love Yin's Project 365 templates (all her templates in fact), because the photos are arranged for you already, with shadows even, AND the journaling placement is already in the template. So all you have to do is embellish it and make it your own. It makes scrapping my weekly P365 pages very easy and stress-free.


  1. wow this food looks really delicious and so wonderful decorated with the blossoms.

    My younger son loves linguini alle vongole

    Congrats for featuring on Yin´s blog! I love Yin´s templates, too!

  2. I wonder if Busalacchis can compare with El Zarape? Certainly not on price!

  3. Thanks for the link to Yin's blog! I just picked up some new templates! :)


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