Monday, May 11, 2009

Lift It Up

So I was talking on the phone with my dad today. He has some stuff that he's going through, just like I have some stuff I'm going through, or some stuff you might be going through. That's life right? Nothing is perfect, until we get to heaven. But one thing that my dad and I reminded each other of, is to try not to worry about things that are not within our control. As my dad likes to say, "If it's within my control, I'll do my best. If it's not within my control, I'll lift it up to God." I think that is something I could stand to be reminded of... like, everyday! How freeing is that? Today "Billy" the cabinet person came and installed our bathroom cabinets. I think I'm going to love that middle cabinet on the wall! The lowest cubby hole on the bottom has an electric outlet, so that we can leave our electric toothbrushes plugged in there, or hairdryer, or curling iron (well, that one's mine, not Todd's, LOL). The other shelves will be very useful for extra towels, medication, lotions, soaps, shampoos, cosmetics, and what not. The cabinets aren't stained yet, just installed. And we won't get our countertops for another couple of weeks. Tonight we had pizza and watched the Cleveland Cavaliers sweep the Atlanta Hawks in four games and move on to the NBA Eastern Conference Finals. Yaaaaay! We also went over to our next door neighbor Fred and Annie's house. They gave us homemade mulberry pie, and homemade Italian Wedding Soup! Annie's Italian Wedding Soup is the best. I'm so excited that I can have it for lunch tomorrow, LOL. I'm tired of buying lunch. I miss having our own home-cooked leftovers for lunch. Come join us at the Digi Dares this week, as we scrap non-rectangular shapes! Everyone who creates a layout and link up to the comments section will receive a 20% off coupon for this week's sponsor Crissy Armstrong's (Pink Ellie Designs) store! And two winners (random and picked) will receive $40 worth of GC's for our four monthly sponsors! Here's my layout for the dare. Many more inspiration from the other Darers at The Digi Dares! Full credits here.


  1. OHHH - I love your layout!! And I love your philosophy on lifting it up...I can always remember to leave things at the altar (and yes, sometimes I leave them there and try to take them back later...I'm human), but I like the lift it up Theory!! I will have to remember that :)

  2. wow the bathroom cabinets turned out great - can´t wait to see when it is stained.

    I agree with the sentence of your Dad!!

    Wonderful laughing page you´ve made!

  3. The bathroom is going to look so good! Love the lots of drawers and doors to hide stuff behind. =)

    You've made a wonderful LO, it is really fun and so unique with all the circles. I've never seen anything like it.

  4. The bathroom is looking great! Love it. My mouth is watering thinking about the Italian wedding soup. That is one of my favourite foods. Congrats on the Cavs win!

  5. Had to smile when I read the comment about heaven. My Mom has a similar one: Fair is when you get to heaven. (That was her standard response whenever we said something wasn't fair). Love seeing all the progress.

  6. great layout, and the cabinets look fantastic! Can't wait to see how everything looks in a finished state.

  7. I love the height of the cabinets!
    They look really usable.


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