Thursday, April 16, 2009

Very Busy Day Off

Today we took the day off from work, because there were still many items that we needed to pick out for the remodeling that we hadn't done. So we met with our designer Kim at Bedrosians Tile & Stone at 9:30 AM. We spent the next two hours looking at tiles and stones and came up with a plan for the bathroom tiles and the kitchen flooring tiles. It was very productive and I was so relieved to get it done. :) Stuff we picked out today:
  • Kitchen floor tile
  • Kitchen and bath cabinet stain colors (they'll be different)
  • Exterior shower tiles
  • Interior shower tiles
  • Shower floor tiles (more like rocks)
  • Bathroom floor tiles
  • Bathroom backsplash
  • Bathroom quartz counter
Todd is holding the floor of the shower. Kim is holding a trim for the outside of the shower. Notice Todd's t-shirt? That's Lane's band's name on the show "The Gilmore Girls". Todd was a big fan of that show and it was one of the shows that we watched together every week. Meanwhile, back at the ranch... (our house, that is), Luis continued with the new plumbing for the shower and the new position of the kitchen sink. He also capped off the old shower and tub drains and finished making the new shower drain in the middle. After picking out the stuff with Kim, we headed to lunch at one of our favorite pizza places, Bongiornos, which happened to be nearby. We saw our favorite pizza maker Tracy (a guy) there. We each got a couple of slices and a drink. Yum-yum. I was gonna take some photos but I ate all the food before I realized I didn't... oh well! After that we headed to Restoration Hardware at Fashion Valley Mall in Mission Valley. Kim had told us to go there and look at the mirrors and hardware for the cabinets. However, we were disappointed at the selection and high prices there and didn't stay for long. We bailed out of Fashion Valley and went to another place recommended by Kim, San Diego Hardware. This place was more like it! Rows and rows of hardware (pulls and nobs) for the cabinets, plus other stuff. I took photos of some stuff we liked and wrote down some stuff, and left. When we got home Luis was finishing up. We looked around on the internet for bathroom faucets. Then it was time for an early dinner of microwave frozen stuff from Trader Joe's. I had some kind of chicken and veggie sesame noodle bowl, while Todd had some verde burritos. They were both decent! After dinner we had to hurry and drive down the block to our new friends' Jennifer and Shawn's house. I had hula dance class with Jennifer from 6-7 PM. Todd brought his Wii console and games so he and Shawn could play it. Todd took some photos of the hula class but the couple of photos that turned out good didn't have me in them. After hula class, Jennifer and I joined Shawn and Todd in the Wii fun. We played Mario Kart, Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Tennis, Baseball, and Boxing. Here's Shawn and Todd: Jennifer and Shawn boxing, it was pretty funny! After Wii we chatted a while. Around 9:30 PM everyone got tired and we left. It was a very full day considering we took it off from work, but we got a lot done so I'm very glad.


  1. you had a really busy day!!

    Love the stuff you picked out and I could see on your todays picture!

    Sure it will turn out great!!! I´m so excited and can´t wait to see when your remodeling is ready.

    Seems you had a funny evening while playing WII

    I wish you a wonderful weekend!

  2. I'm just amazed that you understand the Brawl kids get very frustrated with me because I just don't get it!! But, I rule on the Target Shooting game on Wii play !! :)

    Floor for the that's awesome! I simply cannot wait to see your new stuff all put together.

    Enjoy your weekend...are you running tomorrow??

  3. Glad to hear the renovations are going well! Great shots. I still think that hula class is the coolest! Looks like you had fun with the wii. I don't have one but enjoy playing Guitar Hero on my sister's. I think if I bought a wii I'd never get anything done around the house so we haven't bought one yet. :)

  4. Oh the agony of choice ... I like the blue very well!

  5. Sounds like a very productive day! It is so hard to choose tiles and such, there are so many lovely ones! I'm sure you'll get a fantastic kitchen and bathroom once they are done.


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