Monday, April 27, 2009


I took the month of April off from scrapping for my creative teams, mainly due to healing my hurt right shoulder, and dealing with the remodeling mess. During this time, I've only scrapped when I've been inspired to, and I've scrapped my Project 365 weekly pages. It was so refreshing to have some time to look around the digi-scrapping land and soak in the new products out there and feel inspired all over again. I love my creative teams, but sometimes I was so busy creating for those teams that I forgot why I love scrapbooking so much. I've been on CT's for 15 months now, and this month off really clarified for me that I do love scrapbooking and there are many reasons why.
  • I love to be creative.
  • It's a way to express my existence. I was here. I am here. These are the moments of my life. These are the things I want to remember. These are my thoughts.
  • I love to learn new skills in Photoshop that help me in my creativity. I believe that an artist cannot be truly creative without knowing how to use her tools. She needs to be intimately familiar with the tools such that it's second nature. Knowing Photoshop well means my creative flow wouldn't be interrupted while I figure out how to do something. Of course I don't know everything yet, but learning it is exciting to me.
  • I love being in the scrapping community, hanging out with my friends.
  • I love to tell the stories of my life, good or bad. I accomplish this by blogging and scrapbooking.
  • I love to look at pretty things, just for its own sake.
  • I love to take photos.
  • My husband loves that I document the big and small moments of our lives. He enjoys reading my blog and looking at my pages.
So as my month-long hiatus comes to an end, I am filled with renewed energy and scrap inspirations again. Sometimes it's good to step back from something so that you can realize how much you love it all over again! At lunch today, I drove to Michaels because I needed to find a 6x6 scrapbook album. They don't carry 6x6 albums there. But I looked around the scrapbooking aisle and found this collection called "Offbeat" by Basic Grey. I totally fell in love with the mod-inspired patterns. I don't paper-scrap anymore, but if I did, I would totally buy this! I wish there were digital versions of this. But you know what I did find that I do have digital versions of? This collection by Zoe Pearn. The paper version is called "Playful Posies", but the digital version is called "Forget Me Not". I used to be on Zoe Pearn's CT and I loved this collection. It is so cool to see it in physical paper form! Oh, if you look at my blog design, the background is a lightened version of the green damask paper in the collection. And the flowers in my header are also from the collection. So fun! Tonight my good friend Lara invited us over to their house for dinner, since she knew we were remodeling our kitchen. It was SO fun to hang out with Lara & Rupert and the kids again. And Lara's cooking was delish! I over-stuffed myself. Good thing I'm going to the gym tomorrow.


  1. Mm, that table look full of goodies! So nice to have friends like that!

    I'm so impressed of all you girls that are on multiple CT's and have time to be active on forums, and still have time to do stuff to scrap about. With a full time job I hardly find time to scrap for myself. But I guess it is an issue of prioritizing. =) I can fully understand that you needed a little break. All this should be about fun, and not a "must".

  2. I'm glad the month off gave you time to reflect and to appreciate your craft. I think more of us should do that, whether we're remodeling our house or not :-).

  3. Breaks are great ;-) I take them all the time lol ;-) The paper is really cute. You could not find
    6x6 albums at Michaels? Thats odd. They always have everything. Have a lovely day ;-)

  4. Oh, I love that BG paper too! I'm gonna have to look for it. I completely understand you needing a break... glad you feel refreshed! I left an award for you over at my blog. I do so love reading your daily updates, Christine. I'm sorry I don't comment much anymore (only because I only have a few minutes a day to catch up with what's going on). But I'm always here reading! You've inspired me in so many ways and you are a blessing to all of us! {{{HUGS}}}

  5. I get so inspired by paper supplies - and then envious!

    I understand completely about scrapping relaxation. I don't know how some ladies find the time to hold a full time job, keep house and scrap for 8 or 10 teams. I'm only on 3 and can just barely keep up or find the time to scrap with purchased items.

    Honestly, I'm not sure I'm cut out for CTing. It's fun and you get involved with the shop by doing challenges, but I'd almost rather purchase all my goodies just to have more flexibility.

  6. sometimes everybody needs a break!!

    Your shots are great - also that you are having such wonderful friends

    The food looks so delicious!

  7. Yes scrappen is a great opportunity with so many people share .... this is such a wonderful hobby!


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