Sunday, April 26, 2009

One Foot In Front Of The Other

I got up about two hours before Todd this morning. This is a common occurrence on the weekends. Especially now, since we're sleeping in the guest room. We don't have the heavy pull-down shades in the guest room, like we do in our bedroom. So I wake up with the morning light. I guess the only remedy to this is going to bed earlier, which is easier said than done. But help is on the way! Todd ordered the custom shades and they should arrive in a couple of weeks. I wanted to go running at the coast, but Todd had a lot to do today. He has to write and practice his Toastmasters speech for Tuesday, and he has to arrange a piece of music so that he and his dad can play it at his uncle's memorial service next weekend. Plus, I wasn't sure if Todd's knee was ready for a run anyways. But he was a trooper and came along with me to the ocean. He sat in the car, by the beach, and wrote his speech while I ran 4.3 miles. I ran from Cardiff to Encinitas and back. This is my favorite route that I've run often. I had planned to run 2.5 miles north, then turn around and head back. But around 2.2 miles, I ran into a street fair in downtown Encinitas. I tried to keep running, but there was just too many people in my way. So I turned around early and headed back. I got to Swami's and had to take a break and take some photos, since it was so gorgeous out today. I WAS HERE. I went down these stairs onto the beach. And ran on the beach part way back. After my run, Todd and I drove to Bongiornos in Solana Beach and had our favorite pizza meal there. In the afternoon, we picked the paint color for the bathroom. They will be finished with drywall later this week, and painting will be after that. Yesterday we picked up our sample tiles from Bedrosians. This is stuff we picked for the kitchen. Tonight I have to pay a bunch of bills, and maybe scrap my Project 365 weekly pages. I need to catch up on that! :)
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