Thursday, April 9, 2009

Who Stole Our Bathroom?

Today was demolition day for our master bath remodel. Our house is total yuckiness right now! First, a photo of the kitchen from yesterday after they took out the overhead soffit and the floor, and cleaned up: Now the master bath. Before: After: Before: After: My friend Terry from work was like, "So are you gonna use porta-potties?" Thankfully not! We have another bathroom upstairs that we've moved our stuff into. We're also going to move into the guest bedroom, at least for a few days until the dust settles down. AJ & Meera invited us over for dinner at their house tonight, because we have no kitchen now. Meera made comfort food: meatloaf and mashed potatoes with bacon and spinach in it! Everything was delicious. We are so blessed to call them friends! As you can imagine, my life is frazzled right now. I'm pretty busy at work, plus remodeling going on and having to get out of my normal routines due to not having a kitchen. Plus I am emotionally drained from my friend Barbara's passing and memorial service. This past week is almost too much for me. One good news: my shoulder/upper back is feeling pretty good. Not quite totally normal, but no pains. I haven't run at all this week, so naturally I am now worried about the 11 mile run on Saturday. We'll see, I might just cheat and run nine miles or something. :p


  1. What a job .... I'm curious how it looks ... nice Easter weekend!

  2. wow, what a hard work!!!

    Sure it will turn out great!!!

    It´s fantastic to have friends like AJ& Meera

    Wish you a wonderful Easter time

  3. Oh Christine! Just looking at the demolition sends me into fits! I need order in my life LOL Those mashed taters look YUMMY!

  4. It certainly seems like lots of big changes come at us at once. Hold tight to as many routines as you can, like running, to help you see that it will all be OK.

    Those taters look yummy - how often should one make meatloaf... cause I could eat it at least once a week!

  5. O love it! Soon things will be done! I hope you guys are doing ok with no bathroom and KITCHEN!

  6. That seems too hard but it will be wonderful when you are finished. You are so lucky to have your beautiful neighbour.

  7. Enjoy your run..maybe you and Todd should get away next weekend..lots of emotional stuff in your life right now.

    Happy Easter. Praying for you!

  8. Guess you will get a beautiful bath room once it is done, the room looks so spaceous!
    So lovely that you have your friends to help you, while the rest of the world is spinning too fast. Hope it slows down soon, and that you find the comfort that you need!


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