Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Who Stole The Kitchen?

Before: After: Today was demolition day for our kitchen. After six hours of work by three men, the whole kitchen is gone! I don't have a photo of the completed demolition, after they've removed the debris, the flooring, and the overhead soffit. I'll show the photo tomorrow because it was dark when I got home tonight. Photos are courtesy of Todd, because he worked from home today. To celebrate the start of our remodel, Todd and I went to dinner at Akai Hana. Todd took a photo of me with my favorite appetizer there, the soft-shelled crab.


  1. I hope the remodel goes quickly. I look forward to seeing the new kitchen.
    I love Japanese food. I made onigiri (rice balls) for my kids tonight.

  2. I just love having work done at my house. It's a pain while it's going on, but so wonderful after!! How exciting for you!

  3. great reason for celebration!! Love asian food, too!!

    I agree with Debra It´s hard while it´s going on, but wonderful after...

    Can´t wait to see, the new kitchen!!

  4. Wow, that's quite a difference! Hope the reconstruction goes smothly, and according to schedule. I guess you are really eager to see the final result. =)

  5. Well this has something good, even if the kitchen is gone, so you can go out to eat so beautiful! ;o)

  6. Yay! Great shots. I can't wait to see the completed kitchen. You must be so excited!

  7. Best of luck with your remodel! We are going a little slower. Our new countertops will be in later this month. But then, we are keeping all the hardware and appliances.

    I can't wait to see the finished product!

    BTW, how's your shoulder?

  8. YAY - it's started! What an exciting time. I hope it all goes well and brings you no added stress - just a great excuse to eat out!

  9. Oh My!!
    We have never had to remodel our home, but we did remodel the pizza joint my stepmother owns, and our kitchen could only afford to be down half a we worked in stages before opening and after closing - the only shut down was when all of the ancient appliances (electric) were REPLACED WITH GAS ones(hooray)!

    The 40 years worth of burned corn meal that had been behind the oven that wasn't mobile though...many, it was like a black poly-styrene wall!

    Can't wait to see the new!!


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