Thursday, April 2, 2009

Autism Awareness Day

I got summoned for jury duty today. The San Diego County Courthouse is downtown, so I took a bus down there. I sat around all day in the juror lounge, but never got called into a courtroom. Almost 90% of the people did get called into a courtroom, so I got lucky. I really didn't want to get in a trial and be stuck there for a week, so this worked out fine. My jury service has ended and I won't get called for another year. This is the fourth time I've been summoned for jury duty since moving to San Diego in December 1999. We get called for jury duty a lot here, mainly because San Diego County is the third largest court system in the country, after L.A. and Chicago. I wanted to bring your attention to today being Autism Awareness Day. My life is touched by autism because my sister's oldest son, my nephew, is autistic. He's turning seven this month and he's still mostly non-verbal. My sister and her husband spend a lot of time and money to provide him therapy and treatments in the hopes that he will start talking. Autism treatments are not covered by most insurance, and the cost can really overwhelm a family. This month's Songbird Avenue kit is called Bloom & Grow. It's an awesome collaboration between Ali Edwards, the Queen of Quirk, Meredith Fenwick, and Amy Wolff. All proceeds after Paypal fees will benefit Autism Speaks. It is a great deal for $8, as you will get five Ali Edwards templates and her word art, plus lots of beautiful papers and elements, and a full alpha. Here's a layout I made with the kit:


  1. Great picture of the courthouse, love the perspective and the reflection of the sky in the windows! Good for you that you didn't get called in. We don't have that system at all in Sweden, but I guess these things, although maybe interesting, tend to come at the least suitable time.
    It is a lovely kit, and for such a good cause! And your LO is beautiful, love the journaling along the edge.

  2. Your sister -- and you too -- might enjoy a documentary we watched this week called "Austism, The Musical." It was both eye-opening and uplifting.

  3. what an impressive building! Great you didn´t get called in!

    Your layout great, once again!!

    Wish you a wonderful and sunny weekend!!

  4. Glad to hear you didn't get called in! I went for jury duty selection once and got picked. :( Luckily it never went to trial woohoo! It was an entertaining morning though watching everybody give excuse after excuse as to why they couldn't serve and the judge telling them tough and their reasons weren't good enough lol. Great shot! I really love the journaling you do in the corners. It's very cool!


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