Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ave Maria

Todd's dad happens to be in town for a convention. He came over tonight and we had dinner together at Brett's BBQ. Then we came home and Todd and his dad practiced Todd's arrangement of Chris Botti's rendition of Ave Maria. They are playing this song together at Todd's uncle's funeral on Saturday in Reno. Todd's uncle slipped and fell and hit his head coming out of the bath about a month ago. Sadly he passed away last week. It seems that I've encountered a lot of death so far this year. I feel overwhelmed again. With my to-do list, with work, and with remodeling. I haven't had hardly any time to just relax and do nothing, even though I haven't been scrapping as much. Somehow all my time is taken up every day already. I wish I had some time to just relax. Tonight, I'm just sad and tired in general. I'm listening to my new Michael W. Smith CD "A New Hallelujah", but I feel like crying.
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