Friday, April 10, 2009

One Hundred Days

of photos and blogging! Can't believe I made it into the triple digits, yahoo! We went to Sublime Pizza for dinner tonight. Todd had the Mardi Gras pizza, and I had the Sublime Mac & Cheese, which is mac & cheese with rosemary rotisserie chicken, mushrooms, truffle oil, and applewood smoked bacon. Mmmm... it did not disappoint. We shared a side salad. Some comfort food in the midst of the upheaval at my house. Today the workers came and took down the drywall in the kitchen, and also the framing of the overhead soffit. They also took out the old toilet in the master bath, and took the carpet out. I decided to work from home, which really wasn't a good idea. It was very loud, and cold, since they were bringing out debris and kept the door open a lot. However, I was glad to be there when Eric the foreman came by, so that I got to talk to him about the different soffit plans in the kitchen. We were hoping to take out the entire soffit in the kitchen, so that the ceiling would go from 8 feet (standard) to 9 feet tall. But there is plumbing piping from the upstairs master bathroom that hangs down into the kitchen ceiling, so we will have to have a soffit where the cabinets will go, against the wall. That is a change of plan that kind of bummed both me and Todd out. We wanted the cabinets to be higher up and staggered. One thing interesting that Eric told me was that we got a good deal on this remodel. He said it would have cost us more two years ago to do it, because of the economy. So yay for saving some money? Hard to think of it that way when it still costs so much. I wanted to show you something cool. This is called a "wordle". You can create your own wordle here. I created it by putting my blog URL in there, and it comes back with words from my blog. The bigger the word, the more often I've used it on my blog. Neat huh?


  1. wow what a great wordle - first I saw "Barbara" I think this is actually the most important word for you!!

    The Mac& Cheese looks yummy!! And sounds great love mushrooms, rosemary ...and so on...

    I´m so excited about your remodeling - cant´t wait to see how it´ll turn out!

  2. oooh! That is SO cool! I may have to check out that wordle!

  3. Hey! I found the blog -- awesome! I'm sorry I bailed on you at the start this morning. I asked that guy about his knee thing (you were right, it basically does hold his patella in place -- he said he swears by it), and it seemed like 2 seconds later we were off. I hope you had a good run. Sure looks like you & Todd have fun together (except for that whole dishwasher/kitchen demolition not so fun-ness). See you next week! 30K sounds so much easier to me than 18.6. 18.6?!?!? ~Cathy

  4. Oh - the remodel - I can't wait to see it all come together! AND I think WORDLE is FUN but have never put my blog addy in idea :D

  5. Great wordle... Happy Easter!

  6. Mm, looks like you both had really yummy food! I could go for that pizza!

    We used that wordle-thing in a brag book-challenge at SBG last year. We got a template for each month, where one side was for photos, and the other a wordle with significant words for that month. Turned out real nice!


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