Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Viva La Vida

Today we gathered together to say "see you later" to our beloved friend Barbara. Seeing all her family and friends together for her memorial service made it real for me, that she's really gone from this earth. That hit me like a ton of bricks. I only brought two tissues, which really wasn't enough. Even though I know she's in heaven and full of joy, the separation for now made me really sad. I felt especially sad for her husband Mike and her three children. When it came time for the greet and hugs, I felt so tongue-tied. No words of comfort could come out of my mouth. The service was really beautiful and affirming, a celebration of life. Our friend Denice was one of the speakers. She delivered a beautiful and touching speech about her friendship with Barbara and the kind of person and friend she was. She didn't cry until the very end of her speech. I admire her so much for doing it. I did one of the eulogies at my mom's funeral and I cried a lot during my speech. Then there was a slide presentation of photos from Barbara's life. When I saw the photo of Mike, Barbara, Todd, and I dressed up as the gang from Scooby Doo on Halloween one year, I had big tears rolling down my face. That is one of my favorite memories of us. So when it came time for me to write down some of my memories of Barbara for her children, that's what I wrote about. How we went to different thrift shops to gather the pieces of clothing we needed to put together our costumes. It was so good to see some of our old home fellowship friends again. I didn't realize how much I've missed them until I saw them again. Jennifer & Denice: AJ & Steve: Meera with little Andon: Meera writing down her memories of Barbara: Steve with new baby Daniel: A scrapbook page from Barbara's birthday album that some of her friends made her: Barbara was really good with crafts and made lots of cards and photobooks of her family trips and her kids: As the four of us gathered to take a photo together, Denice said, "It feels like someone is missing" and it made me sad. But it wasn't all sadness as we shared and recalled some of our memories together. Like how Todd once snuck a piece of chocolate to Barbara's daughter Julianna, and how Barbara gave him a "look" when she found out. Or when our whole home fellowship (well, everyone but us) decided to take a vacation together on a house boat at Lake Havasu, Arizona, in the middle of summer. Barbara lived a life of faith and obedience to Jesus Christ her Savior. She is in heaven rejoicing. We will miss her deeply, but know that we will see our friend again. Viva la vida.


  1. I'm so sorry, Christine, for the loss. At these times the words lack me, and not only in English, it is so hard to find comforting words even in my mother tongue Swedish.

    It is a beautiful post to remember your friend, and I think the idea of writing down your memories of Barbra, for her kids, is wonderful. That will be something they can turn to in times of questioning. *hugs*

  2. I agree with Erika! It´s hard to find comforting words ... more than ever in a foreign language.

    I know how hard this is. My best friend lost his sister 3 days before my birthday and I lost my father, my mother and my daughter.

    Hope so much I´ll see them in heaven again.

    wonderful remembering for Barbara!! Sure she saw this and would be happy about it!

    So many Hugs for you Christine

  3. I get a shiver ... is so close to me das .. I can feel with you, it is very hard to lose loved ones .... I would like to donate consolation ...

  4. I am sorry Christine, words never come easy in hard times and that's why God gave us hugs - because while Barbara is rejoicing with our Savior, those left behind are still mourning the loss of someone they loved dearly - and will miss her daily, especially during the quiet times and the every day activities. Even 2 years after my Grandmother passed on, things would happen at our house with the kids, and I would instinctively pick up the phone to call her and tell her what her great grandchildren were doing...and we lived only a couple miles from each other. We spent at least 5 days a week doing things with my Grandma, shopping, lunch, going to the park...losing her left a great big void. I am SO THANKFUL for the memories, the photos and stories (especially the ones others share with us).

    I am glad that you will have these kinds of memories to bring back smiles as well, and that you were able to share them with her family.

    Most importantly, I'm glad that we have the opportunity to some day join her, as well as others that have gone one before us, in rejoicing in heaven.

  5. What a sweet friendship you shared with Barbara. I am so sorry for your loss and her family's loss. You are in my prayers.

  6. Sending hugs your way. It is so very sad to lost a friend, take care of yourself.


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