Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lunch Next Door

Today our next door neighbors Fred & Annie invited us over for lunch, along with Yvonne and Andy (both coffee/espresso nuts and baristas). Todd made blueberry scone (from the mix we got at World Market) and brought it over. Annie made Fettucini Seafood Carbonara and a fresh green salad Fred brewed some decaf coffee, especially for me! Here's us, enjoying Annie's cooking: Then Annie brought out a surprise for me! She knew my birthday was in March, but thought it was later in the month. So a couple of weeks ago during our Battlestar Galactica party, she asked me when my birthday was. I told her it had already passed. But that didn't deter her from making a chocolate cake for me! It was totally delicious. On top of that, she made a necklace and some matching earrings for me, and a cardigan sweater! After lunch we gathered around the coffee bar in their living room and just chatted and had fun. Fred made more lattes for us: Fred's latte-pour art (bad focus on the pic, but you get the idea): Lunch turned out to be four hours. We finally took the long trek home (next door) and started our dinner of homemade chili. It takes 2.5 hours to cook and simmer. This is one of our last meals we're making in our old kitchen before it's demolished in a few days.


  1. ohhhh...
    I want neighbors that have a coffee bar in their living room (and know how to use it).

    How totally FUN!

  2. Great shots! Love your hubby's t-shirt lol. Must get one of those for mine. :) Good luck with the renovations. I hope they go smoothly. Happy belated birthday! I'm a March baby as well.

  3. Mmm, this looks like a very nice and yummy lunch. So lovely to have neighbours like that!
    The necklace and earrings are so cute, and the cake looks delicious, what a great surprise. =) Annie seems to be very crafty! Wish I could do cake like that!

  4. wow Christine, what a wonderful surprise from Annie!! Great to have such neighbours!!

    Alle the food looks totally yummy, and it would be great to have such a friendly coffee bar next door..

    Annies necklace and earrings for you are looking wonderful.. can´t wait to see a picture where you wear it.

    I´ll cross my fingers for your kitchen demolishing and I look forward for these well

    wish you a good start in the new week! How about your shoulder?

  5. With neighbors like this, you wouldn't have to find a have your coffee hangout, your jewelry store, your bakery, your clothing store, and fine dining. And how cool is the swirly in the coffee!

    Have a great Monday..and no worries on the demolition..enjoy the process because you have a fabulous kitchen waiting for you on the other side!

  6. Christine - you are so lucky to have "family" surrounding your home - such great neighbors!

  7. What nice neighbors! Great shots!


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