Friday, April 17, 2009

It's Electric!

The remodeling is progressing along, but I only have boring photos to show, since it's all electrical & plumbing work the past couple of days. I think it'll be more photo-friendly in a few more days. I got to call Eric the foreman/project manager today for updates and questions, since Todd was stuck in a meeting all morning. Eric is really on top of things. They have several other jobs going on at once, so I don't know how he remembers what's going on at each house, but he does. And whenever we've called him, he always knows what's going on. And when we've asked him multiple questions in one call, he always remembers what we've mentioned before. At the end of my conversation with him this morning, he asked if I had any other questions or concerns. He's got really good communication skills for someone working in construction. We decided to pay extra today for them to run a copper line from the reverse osmosis drinking water system we're getting, to the refrigerator. Some more electrical and gas line work. This will be the wall right behind the oven, cooktop, and exhaust hood. See what I mean about boring photos? These are photos that only a homeowner would love, LOL. After work we decided to check out a new Korean restaurant in our neighborhood. Todd had BBQ steak plate and I had Bi Bim Bop: After dinner we went to Home Depot to check out more stuff we have to purchase for the remodeling, like sink faucets, sinks for the other bathrooms, mirrors, vanity lighting, etc. We didn't buy anything tonight though, we just looked at what's available and took note of the prices. After that we picked up some fruits and frozen dinners at Vons. I feel pretty tired tonight, it's been a long week. I'm not sure if I'm running tomorrow morning or not, since Todd is still nursing his right knee and not running. If I go by myself I'll probably just run five miles. My running club is running 18.6 miles tomorrow. I'm not in shape to run that long, and since I'm only running a half marathon (13.1 miles) in June, I don't feel the need to run 18.6 miles tomorrow. This weekend we are socializing with some friends on both days. I'm looking forward to it! :)


  1. sounds like a fun weekend.
    ur foreman sounds awesome.
    i once had a great dr like that b4 i moved
    its so hard to find a great dr.

  2. the korean food looks very interesting! What´s inside Bi Bim Bop?

    Did you like the new Korean restaurant?

    Eric seems to be a fantastic project manager! Great to see, your remodeling is going on.

    Get well to Todd and his knee. My back is still hurting.. more than the days before... it´s because of the wet weather. At the moment it hurts so much that hardly any position is comfortable

    wish you a good weekend and good luck for your tomorrow´s run if you´ll do it

  3. upps the second picture it looks so chaotic!


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