Saturday, April 25, 2009

NFL Draft Party

Today was the annual NFL (National Football League) Draft day. It is our annual tradition to have a party with AJ & Meera, watch the draft, and eat lots of food. We hadn't done it the last couple of years, but we revived our tradition this year. We showed up at AJ & Meera's house around 3:30pm. The draft had already started, but since they DVR'ed it, we were able to watch from the beginning and skip the boring parts. Of course, we were most interested in the Cleveland Browns and the San Diego Chargers. Meera prepared chips, crackers, and dips, and I ate too much. Here are the guys, wearing their team shirts. The girls: AJ & Todd, deeply enthralled by the players being picked: It is always so much fun to hang out with AJ & Meera. All four of us love to watch sports, and to eat, so it is always a perfect time together. And now we're training little Andon to cheer on our favorite teams as well! Another reason to go over to AJ & Meera's house is... they have a nice kitchen! Todd brought his raw ingredients and cooked a great meal of Seoul-ful Chicken with Minted Cucumbers. After dinner, Meera baked some fresh chocolate chip cookies for dessert. I ate too much. Tomorrow is clean-up day around the house. Hopefully I'll get a few miles of running in as well.


  1. Great pictures! You seems to have had a really fun Saturday night!

    The dinner looks yummy, and with chocolate chip cookies for dessert I can understand that you ate too much. I would have too! =)

  2. Your food always looks so yummy!! Your journaling sounds you had a wonderful day.

    Love the shot of you and Meera!!

    Wish you a also great Sunday!!

  3. That chicken looks so good. I love Korean BBQ.


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