Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Upside of Things

The upside to today is that no workers at the house used MY bathroom when we were at work! :: clap clap :: I think my sign on the door works. I wanted to thank you all for the encouraging comments. I know that in the grand scheme of things, all these annoyances are not really big deals. Sometimes I have tunnel vision and let those things get to me. Well, I think it happens to all of us, and I promise it won't be the last time, LOL. Today they did more plumbing work for the new shower. They put more copper pipes in for the hot and cold water. They put all the valves in. They put a new shower drain in the middle of the shower, and they're in the process of taking out the old drains. We went to Todd's favorite BBQ place, Brett's BBQ, for dinner. Todd loves the pulled chicken sandwich with BBQ sauce there, and the sweet potato fries. LOVES it. I think they'll be seeing us quite often during the remodel, LOL. I caught up with my Project 365 layouts last weekend but forgot to post them here. I usually do them every two weeks. I find it easier to coordinate between the left and right pages (I'm putting these in a book) by doing them at the same time. Week 13: Full credits here. Week 14: Full credits here.


  1. Yummy! That sandwich sounds DELISH - so do the fries...might have to try that (having access to a fryer at Gino's and all) - and a bbq chicken (with pineapple) pizza too - that's pretty close, right??

    Really, I can't wait to see your finished shower - it sounds AWESOME!!

  2. **I sort of get free pizza any time I want...but really you can only eat so much pizza lol - my step mother is the owner, so we have some perks ;) We also have awesome salads, chicken strips, mojos (breaded fried potatoes) and contraban - aka employee concoctions that aren't on the menu (like prawns *oven sauteed* in drop top amber ale, onion, tomato, garlic, capers & chipotle Tabasco served over rice noodles; peanut butter milkshakes, bbq chicken strip sandwiches).

    You & Todd come to Oregon, I'll hook you up ;)

  3. It sounds really yummy at your BBQ-place, and Todd looks like he's in heaven! ;) I've never eaten sweet potatoes, maybe I should try to do fries from them.

    Sounds like you have great progress in the bathroom-area! So exciting to see it finished.

    I forgot to thank you for the template yesterday. I've decided to use them for my monthly pre-page, and you can see it on my scrap-blog: I'm planning to upload to some galleries as well, but where did the time go???

  4. your sign at the door is working! Congrats!!

    I didn´t know sweet potatoes!

    But your weekpages are still great

    sorry... I´m so tired.... I go to bed now

    CU tomorrow

  5. I know this is late, the house remodel, I'd like to add...

    I've run a marathon; I've lived through a house remodel. the marathon was a PIECE OF CAKE compared to the house remodel.

    Hang in there. You're doing GREAT!

  6. mhmm BBQ very nice.. ;o)
    wonderful pages ...I like it!

  7. Hi there, I went round your blog and found your layouts amazing and full of life and so much fun! And a wonderful surprise to see you've used my template on your 365 layouts! I love how you scraped them!!! Love your style! Think I may have to scraplift your ideas :) oh and I would love to show your layouts on my blog or post a link to your blog - let me know if you don't mind.
    Read about your friend Barbara - said a prayer for her family. I didn't understand either when my friend Cheng went a few years ago leaving behind her one and four year old daughters. What we were thankful for was that she came to know the Lord in the last year and so we know she is safely with Him now.


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