Monday, August 31, 2009

I Always Knew He Was Smart

Remember a couple of weeks ago Todd went to San Francisco for a training class? Today he took the certification test. It was held at San Diego State University at 8:45am. Todd left very early because he was unsure about the traffic and parking situation. They give you 90 minutes to complete the test, and you had to leave your phone, watch, and all gadgets outside in a locker. About 45 minutes after, around 9:30am, I got an email from Todd. He forwarded me his test results email. Apparently, not only is he smart, he's also very efficient, finishing the test in half the time allotted! The email said, "Congratulations! You have successfully completed the certification exam to become a Certified Developer. Welcome to the worldwide community of Certified Professionals!" Yaaaaaay! I knew he could do it. Todd loves being on a college campus. He loves the learning atmosphere and being surrounded by academics. His dream is that someone will PAY him to go to grad school in astro-physics so that he could get his Ph. D and be a professor and hang out in college all day long. He was so proud today because despite being 38 years old, he still "fit in" at San Diego State. Well, I say it helps that he looks so smart, and so youthful. :p This is the entrance to the main library at SDSU. Photobucket Tonight I took him out to dinner to celebrate him being... certified! (Heh heh.) Photobucket It was also Monday Night Football, so we wanted to go somewhere with a big screen to watch it. Yummy buffalo chicken tenders! Today I was reading Katie the Scrapbook Lady's blog. At the end of every month, she takes some time to "roundup her memories". I really liked the idea, so I am going to do it too! Here's my August Roundup. What books and/or magazines did I read this month? I read the very last issue of Memory Makers Magazine. Also read Creating Keepsakes, San Diego Magazine (the annual "Best" issue where they talk about San Diego's best everything). I am almost done with "Nineteen Minutes" by Jodi Picoult. I've been reading that book for too darn long. There were too many areas in the book where I lost interest. What movies, television shows, plays, etc. did I watch this month? I saw "Ponyo" in the movie theater. It was strange! I also watched SYTYCD all the way until the end of the season when the winner was crowned. I watched "Better Off Ted", my new favorite comedy on TV. Watched several episodes of "Man vs. Food", one of my faves. What fun things did I do with my family and/or friends? Ran with WCRR almost every Saturday at Mission Bay. Ran with SDTC at Miramar Lake, a run hosted by my friend Anne. I went to gym class. I had lunch with some old work friends. Had Anne and Gilbert over for dinner. Had Ashley and Andrew over for dinner. Had a girls day out at Hotel Del Coronado with my good friends from HS Sally and Lara. Had lunch TWICE with my homie Meera. Went boogie boarding/surfing at La Jolla Shores with Sally & Brian. Todd had dinner with Minnie & Mike in San Francisco. Todd went sailing with his coworkers on the Stars & Stripes. Todd had lunch with Terran and Jessica. We went to visit my dad in LA. What gifts did I give and/or receive? Todd and I finally exchanged our 15th anniversary cards, two months after the fact. I gave my dad some Sperry shoes for his birthday. Todd got me a new Ohio State Buckeye t-shirt for the upcoming football season. What special or unusual purchases did I make? We got Rock Band for the Playstation 3. It is an AWESOME game! I have blisters on my fingers from playing the drums so much! What illnesses or health concerns did I have? I got a sore throat but nothing major. Lately my legs feel tired. Not sure if it's from running and working out too much or not. I don't think I've done too much. What were my accomplishments this month? I got 49 of my 2009 layouts printed out 8x8 and put into an album. I also did a 8x8 Shutterfly book. I cooked twice while Todd was gone. I got more responsibilities at work. I learned about chi running and have been able to run faster and stronger. What were my disappointments this month? Yesterday I didn't run very well at all. Sprint really made me mad by charging me $200 for early termination for my sister's phone line (we used to share a plan). Our contract was up already, but they claimed that since she got a new phone a year ago, they could charge us the early termination fee. We fought back and got the fee down to $100, since they refused to waive the whole fee. I hate them. I guess that's disappointment. I'm looking for a good pay-as-you-go plan without having to sign a contract. Anyone got any suggestions? Anything else noteworthy to include? The last two weeks were really hot, while the first two weeks were cooler than normal. There are wildfires going on in the LA area. My scrapping mojo is sort of back.


  1. i picked up the round up like two years ago from Katie and I was so good at it the past two years. Every month I rounded up and journaled my pics then in 2009 no more. I want to kick myself. So as punishment I will force myself to do it and clean up this disorganized scrap stash at the end of the year.

  2. Congrats to Todd! I don't quite understand what he got certified in, but it must feel very good to accomplish it. =) I too always loved the university and campus air, it was very fun time, but I wouldn't want to go back now. Working has too many advantages, like pay and no homework.

  3. Great job on the roundup! Sounds like you had a very productive and fun month :) and I love that amazing library picture!

  4. Mind if I steal your idea for my blog? I'd love the accountability.

    Congrats to Todd..if he really likes being around the 'learning' atmosphere, he's welcome to come for a visit and teach some classes to my little schoolhouse. ;)

    wooo season is upon us!

  5. Congrats Todd!! How awesome - surely someone will pay him to get a Ph. D. - that would be so awesome :D

  6. The end of the month "roundup" is really cool. To see the whole month laid out like that helps you to appreciate all that you have in your life :o)


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