Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Small Waves, Big Fun

Driving in rush hour to the beach after work: free but irritating. Four gallons of gas: $13. Stuffing myself into a wetsuit: five minutes of discomfort & embarrassment. Two carne asada burritos: $9 Surfing with good friends: Priceless Photobucket Even though the waves were small today, we had so much fun surfing and boogie-boarding at La Jolla Shores with Sally & Brian. Todd stood up and rode a couple of small waves, even though he hadn't used his surfboard in like, four years! I dunno why we haven't done this the last couple of summers, but thanks to Sally's invitation two weeks ago to spur us, we've gone twice now this summer. When we first got there, we saw that it was very cloudy. I thought I wasn't going to get any good photos, but they turned out alright. Here are the boys carrying their surfboards to the water. Photobucket I only caught a couple of waves on my boogie board today. The waves were pretty darn flat. I caught a nice pic of Sally. Photobucket After Sally and I rode around the waves some, I saw Todd on the beach. Photobucket He wanted to see if I wanted to go check him and Brian out, and try to catch a photo of him surfing. So I obliged. Photobucket Not too bad for a boy from Ohio, eh? The beach was pretty, even though it was cloudy today. Photobucket As we left, I took one last shot of Todd leaving with a smile on his face. And funny hair. :p Photobucket Long live summer!


  1. Lovely pictures as always. I love the beach on a cloudy day!

    And, isn't it always summer in San Diego?!?

    Enjoy your day today!

  2. Yay..I get to comment right after Heather today...which means she's up earlier than me..which means that she was probably enjoying coffee before me..lucky. ;)

    Todd is a surfer dude! I've never understood how y'all stand up on those boards, but it looks fun! The waves in the Atlantic are never all that big, especially compared to the West Coast.

    Love the beach photos..I think the cloudiness gives a different look.

    Have a great day!

  3. Love the beach photos. There is something about the beach on a cloudy day that I just love.

  4. seems you all had another funny day at the beach with surfing!!

    Fantastic shots!!

  5. Great photos! It is beautiful with the clear blue skies you so often have, but I find cloudy skies favourable to the subjects sometimes. The shadows are less harsh, and there aren't so much squinting of eyes as on a sunny day. =)

    It looks so fun to be surfing, wish I could do it!

  6. Surfing is something that I've always wanted to try. Love the photos! I guess surfing must be like riding a never forget how :)


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