Friday, August 14, 2009


Ah, I'm excited that it's Friday night. I've had a productive but long work week and I'm ready to go running tomorrow! Well, first I'm ready for a good night's sleep, that's for sure. Tonight we went to Pho Hoacali for some Vietnamese food. Todd stole my chicken noodle soup. Well, I let him have a few bites because it didn't seem like he got enough carbs with his food, and we're running 6-7 miles tomorrow! Photobucket


  1. good luck for your run tomorrow - can´t wait to see your fantastic pictures!

    Great shot from today with the vietnamese noodles...

  2. Love parents make a mean pot of it! Good luck on your run tomorrow!! Should be another beautiful day in Southern cali!! Can't wait to see all your awesome photos!

  3. Carbs are important! Hope you both got enough for your run. And the soup looks yummy!


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