Thursday, August 20, 2009

What size?

Tracey asked me what albums I use for 8x8 layouts printed out, and I actually just decided to print 8x8, so I looked up my choices. I definitely want a D-ring or 3-ring binder type album instead of post-bound album. I have 12x12 post-bound albums and they're a pain in the neck to add more pages, rearrange, etc. There isn't a huge amount of choices for 8x8 D-ring albums, but I found four that fit the bill. Some of these were hard to find on the internet as far as what stores sell them. So I'll have to look further. I have a 8.5 x 8.5 K& Company album that I've stuck 6x6 pages into. Photobucket I saw this post at the Daily Digi about how to explain to someone what digital scrapbooking is, if they've never seen it. And it's a lot easier to show them than to explain it. It's a lot easier to show them if the album is small, because who lugs a 12x12 album around? Not me! So I had 20 of my favorite layouts printed out in 6x6 and put it in this 8.5 x 8.5 album. I'm thinking of getting this 6x6 album to make it even more compact for carrying it around.


  1. Thanks for the feedback! I always wonder what other people choose for print size. I'm torn. I was a paper scrapper, so I'm comfortable with 12x12 size, but they are so cumbersome when you are trying to look through them. I may try 8x8 for awhile and see how I like that. I'm also interested in that 6x6 book. I'll have to check it out at JoAnn.
    and the main benefit of digital? You can print whatever size you like!!

  2. American Crafts also has an 8x8 D-Ring in their Cloth Album line. You can find them here:

  3. Christine, I love the We R Memory Keepers leather albums like the one you linked. The D Ring takes up a lot of space so its not necessarily compact but I love how clean they all look together! What a great idea to have a 6x6 album handy!

  4. Thanks for the resources for the scrapbooks and the photo printing (from your last post). If I get myself organized, I just might be able to take advantage of that printing special.

  5. interesting post and great shot of your fantastic album!

    Wish you a wonderful weekend!

  6. I also print at 8x8 (20x20cm) cause it is usually most price-worthy. For Linus I have got a photo album where the pictures are behind plastic, so that he can fold the pages without the risk of ripping the photos off or smearing them. In my ordinary album I glue the pictures to the pages.

    It is so fun, just sit with the album and flip through the pages, looking at all the memeories.

    Must feel great to have Todd home tonight too. =) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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