Monday, August 10, 2009

She's My "Person"

If you watch Grey's Anatomy, then you know what I'm talking about. Meredith's "person" is Christina Yang. My "person" is Meera. She's the friend who loves me unconditionally. I can just be myself and voice my opinions. I can tell her my fears and doubts. She is my sister-in-Christ and prays for me, even without me asking her to. She tells me "I love you" without embarrassment. She hugs me and holds my hand in public without embarrassment. We share big belly laughs and tears of sorrow. She was the first person I called when I found out my mom's cancer was terminal. She's staunchly supportive and always wants the best for me, without competition. She's my "person". And I haven't seen enough of her lately! Luckily, we got together for lunch today, which turned into a long discussion about life and theology, which was okay by me. Photobucket Tonight Todd and I made homemade tacos, including homemade tortillas! Photobucket We got a new tortilla press, because our old one broke. So we have been without fresh tortillas for months! Anyways, the sequence goes like this. First you mix the masa de harina (corn flour) with warm water. (The amount of water is very important. You'll need to experiment to make it right.) Then you roll pieces into balls. Then you cover the tortilla press with plastic (we cut up big zip lock bags) so that the pressed tortillas don't stick to the press. Then you press down a couple of times and you have a raw tortilla! We made a variation of the Zippy Black Bean Burritos, except we added some ground beef, and had tacos instead of burritos. Photobucket The end result is oh so yummy, with veggies and fiber, lots of flavor, and not so bad for you!


  1. YUM! I'm hoping to get a tortilla press for my anniversary this year. A friend of mine just gave me her grandmother's pita bread recipe..straight from Lebanon! Maybe I'll run a fresh bread, pitas, and tortilla store out of my kitchen. :D

    God is so good to give us a "person"..He has blessed me with three of them!..(and yes, I knew exactly what you were talking about from the title ;) )

    Have a great day!

  2. You're very lucky to have someone like Meera. Of course, you already know that. Sounds like you've had a very girlfriends-filled week.

  3. It is great to have a person. Just talking about it makes me more ready for Gray's Anatomy to be back.
    I totally want to buy a tortilla press and start making our own. The dinner looks fantastic.

  4. What a blessing you have in Meera! I thought of you yesterday when hubby and I were on our date day. I even told him about your blog. We ate a fancy lunch and I kept taking pictures of all the food so I can post them on my blog (check there in a few days)

  5. heh heh Lisa, can't wait to see your food photos! That's what I'm here for... "making it okay to take food photos publicly, one bloggie friend at a time"...

  6. OMG..normally I'm not much of a Taco person but...your photos are sooo delish looking....the colors and freshness just shine through! I love taking photos of my food too...and now I've gotten my dh trained..whenever we go eat out..he'll ask " you want to take a photo of this b/f I eat into it?" ahhhh That's love for you right? lol.
    You and Meera are so blessed to have one another...we definitely all need to have that "person" in our lives...the one we know we can always count it! Looks like you had a wonderful girlfriend bonding week! Good for you!

  7. yummy yummy!! The picture arrangement is fantastic!!!

  8. You must be so lucky to have such lovely friends, both Sally and Lara, and Meera!
    I love our Swedishy tacos, and yours looks even yummier. But I'm not too fond of corn tortillas, I prefer the wheat ones. Cool to make your own!


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