Saturday, August 1, 2009

Almost Six Miles at Mission Bay

I ran 5.89 miles today, but I didn't mean to. When I met up with my West Coast Road Runners group at Mission Bay High School at 7:45am, our coach told us the route was for a five mile run. We would go west on Grand Ave., left on Fanuel, go around Mission Bay, right on San Jose, run on the Pacific Beach boardwalk, then right on Grand and go back to Mission Bay HS. Well, San Jose wasn't very well marked, so almost everyone ended up turning right at El Carmel, which was the turn for running six miles. So I ran an extra mile. Somehow that made me a little annoyed, LOL. This wasn't the first time that I ran an extra mile because of missing some turn on a route. The sun did not come out at all during our run, which is how I like it. Running in the sun is not my favorite. However, I was expecting an ocean breeze while running at Pacific Beach, and I got... no breeze. Seriously? How could there be no ocean breeze on the beach? This made the extra mile even more annoying. The air was pretty thick today, and I sweated a lot. Starting out on Grand Avenue. Photobucket The bay side of Mission Bay. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Pacific Beach boardwalk. Photobucket Todd started out with Yaiza, but turned around at two miles. He was feeling okay but didn't want to run six miles and risk getting injured. So he ran a total of four miles and waited in the parking lot at Mission Bay HS for me. When I ran in, he took a photo of me. Photobucket Distance: 5.89 miles Time: 1:06:58 Avg Pace: 11:21/mile Calories Burned: 575


  1. That's too funny. One of the BEST runs I ever had was because of a wrong turn on a trail run.

    And, have I told you how beautiful it is in your neck of the woods? Wow...

  2. Hey Girlie!
    I am finally caught up with your blog. After getting sick and having host guests of my own I was able to see what cool things you and Todd have been doing. I did get to see Todd during special date night...code for "out without child." =)

    Your photos on the last couple of blogs have just been amazing. AJ and I are stoked about the Comic-Con. I even want to go now.

    I'm glad that you had a great trip with Peppermint. It looks like you guys really did a nice job being SD tour guides. (Kudos on the restaurants.)

    Just glad I get to keep up with your adventures!

    Love you, Sister!

  3. "I ran 5.89 miles today, but I didn't mean to."

    I have never said anything remotely resembling the above sentence.

    I thought you'd like to know. ;)

  4. At least it is better to run too long than too short. But I can realize your irritation if you realized during the run. You look very happy anyway, and the pics from the run are lovely

  5. no breath!? Poor Christine!!

    But I love all your running pictures!


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