Monday, August 17, 2009

Dinner For One

Since Todd is away for training this week, I could have eaten cereal for dinner, or gotten an In-N-Out Burger, but I decided to cook for myself instead. When The Todd is away, I can cook stuff that he doesn't eat, heh heh. Like... shrimp stuff, egg stuff, mushroom stuff, or stuff with cheese! So that's what I did tonight after work. I made Baked Ziti Casserole. Photobucket I used a marinara sauce that Todd had made from scratch and froze. Photobucket Although, it wasn't enough, so I had to add some sauce from a jar. My serving. Mmm... good! Photobucket Now I have enough leftovers to eat for dinner tomorrow night, which is perfect, since I'll be home late from the gym and won't have time to cook. :) I made this layout for a challenge I'm hosting at Pixel Gypsy Designs for August. It is a technique challenge and I decided to do a short tutorial on how to make a sticker. You can see the details here. Photobucket Full credits here. If you participate in the challenges at Pixel Gypsy Designs, you earn points that you can redeem for coupons. And the points roll over from month to month, so no worries about completing a large amount in a month to get the points. You can see the challenge rules and details here. Also, Ami Collofello is having a retirement sale on some products and they're 80"% off! You gotta check out the Vintage Tee Papers & Elements, because it's one of my favorite kits of hers!


  1. What a great idea to cook dinner for both last night and this night! And it looks very yummy.

    For your question about my other cat; no, unfortunately she is not back yet. I have put in an add in the local paper, and hope that someone has seen her and let me know. She has been gone so many times and always come back, but I'm starting to get a bit worried now. But I guess this is the thing with cats allowed to go outdoors.

  2. I love your yummy food shots!!! Sure it tasted delicious!!!

    Only a few days and Todd will be back!

    Fantastic page you did and the stickers are gread

  3. That looks too tasty! Great layout.

  4. That looks yummm! Joel is gone for three weeks, so I feel your pain. It's lonely when they're gone.

  5. Just completed your tutorial...How cool is that! And so very easy! See, I told you that you needed to have a digi-scrap class, in California, at the beach..etc.

    The ziti looks wonderful..we don't eat a lot of Italian food anymore because K3 cannot have dairy. She has these big brown puppy dog eyes that make me feel terrible when I serve something that she can't I try to only cook things that everyone can enjoy. (except K1, who doesn't eat meat. :/)

    Love the layout, of course..wish I had your talent with the fonts!


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