Saturday, August 29, 2009

Octopus Jerky

We went to visit my dad and his wife Shelly today. Photobucket We got there right before lunch, and went to lunch together at a Chinese restaurant. After lunch, we went to a newly opened Hong Kong supermarket, where we found all kinds of cool stuff. Such as... octopus jerky. Photobucket Little spicy fish jerky. Photobucket We bought some yellow watermelon and longan fruit home. Asian supermarkets have the best fruits! Photobucket Photobucket From my dad's street, we could see one of the wildfires burning on a mountain in the distance. Photobucket Wildfires in Southern California are very dangerous. We usually don't get them until October, but this year was so dry that they came early. In October 2007, Todd and I had to evacuate for a few days from a fire that came very close to our neighborhood. And if you wonder what kind of things we took with us when we had less than an hour to evacuate, here's the list.


  1. All I can say is WOW! I clicked the links and read about your evacuation and your list. Now, I have the sudden urge to organize all my photos and get my 'important papers' in order.

    I love the pictures of you and your dad. He looks like such a nice dad.

    Octopus jerky?? Well, I guess it's no worse than 'chitlins' (OK, I've personally never eaten chitlins, but I know folks who have..)

    Well, it's time to get my crew ready for church. Have a restful Sunday!

  2. Good reminder to get an evacuation kit in order. I think we're in for a very active fire season this fall.

    And congratulations on your anniversary of arriving in the US! Does yellow watermelon taste the same as pink/red?

  3. interesting stuff in the HongKong supermarket. In 1995 I was in HongKong - it was a fantastic trip and I enjoyed it a thousand times and the food there, too!

    Great pic of you and your dad!!! I wish I would have such a pic - but my father passed away when I was 7 years old.

    Thanks for your links to the fire and your evacuation list!

  4. The picture of you and your dad is so sweet. I love your evacuation list. You took things I would have taken. Isn't it amazing to see what is really important? Happy Sunday!

  5. I was wondering about the wildfires...
    Great list, I need to organize my photos. I really do. It is just so overwhelming.

    Love the pics from the Asian market! I love seeing "new" foods! A new market opened near here, I need to go and check it out!

  6. Asian markets are the best! LOVE me so Longan!! Yummy!!! oohhhh never seen Octopus Jerky but I likey....:)...Yah..the fires are pretty scary...I was headed to Covina yesterday afternoon for a shower and captured the a similar shot of the fire! BTW..where does your dad live? Looks similar to where my parents used to live...Walnut...

  7. I remember that dried squid was the big thing when I lived in Japan. They had entire stores with many different kinds of dry squid on a stick. I bet it is a lot like octopus jerky. I tried to like octopus, but never could. Too chewy. I hope you and your family stay safe during the fires.

  8. Anne, yellow watermelon tastes pretty much the same as red watermelon, except I think the red is actually more fragrant.

    Diane, my dad lives in Diamond Bar, very close to Walnut!

  9. The photo of you and your dad is great, so nice to have! I try to take pictures of my parents and all dear to me everytime I get the chance, it is so nice to look at when I feel a little out of place.

    I read about the fires in our newspapers too, so scary! Hope they wont be of any danger to you.

  10. Wow, you did well during evacuation! When we had to evacuate my Grandma during a terrible Eastern Oregon fire (in like 1989 or 1990) we took HER, her meds, her cigarettes (she refused to leave them), her firesafe box and a few scrapbooks (very few) and some framed (and totally ridiculously easy to replace) photos. The fire ended up within a mile of her was terribly devastating for the ranchers and farmers in our community. Fire season in a dry climate is SO scary - I am soooo thankful to be in an area were that is really no longer a threat.


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