Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Three Down, Two To Go

Todd has been in SF for three days now. He will be home Friday night. Only two more sleeps! I think the part I hate the most about him being gone is having to sleep alone. Last night I heard a noise and had to turn on the light and be all vigilant and nervous for 20 minutes... for nothing. I feel so much safer with him next to me. I guess I'm a weenie. I ran on the treadmill this morning, but only for 20 minutes because my legs were sore from the gym class last night. I didn't want to push it. Plus my legs just felt really heavy. Today I was blessed to have lunch with my BFF Meera. We met at a new Korean restaurant called Soban in Rancho Bernardo. Photobucket The food was good, but the place was really empty. I guess the word hasn't gotten out yet. I had bibimbap Photobucket and Meera had kimchi fried rice. It came with soup and side-dishes too. Photobucket We chatted for a long while about all kinds of stuff. Meera's a middle school teacher and school starts tomorrow! After lunch, we walked over to Coldstone Creamery and had some ice cream. Photobucket I had the Mud Pie Mojo, and it had coffee ice cream, peanut butter, oreos, roasted almonds, and fudge. I was literally not talking and just eating my ice cream, LOL! I only like ice cream very frozen and hard, and I like to bite ice cream, so I had to bear down and just eat it all before it melted on me. Since I pigged out at lunch, I had a light dinner of shrimp caesar salad at home. Todd doesn't eat shrimp, therefore he doesn't cook it. So I took the opportunity to make this while he's on his trip. Photobucket Todd got to eat dinner with Minnie and Mike tonight. Minnie is one of my good friends from high school that I still keep in touch with. We've gotten together enough times that they know Todd quite well too. I can't wait to see Todd's photos when he comes home. Tonight I spent some time resizing 49 of my 2009 layouts to 8x8 so I can get them printed at Scrapbook Pictures. They're having a sale right now, so the 8x8 is only 99 cents each, and the 12x12 is $1.99 each. I print 8x8 because it's cheaper. Scrapbooking Pictures is my favorite place to get individual layouts printed. You don't have to worry about bleed or having the edges cut-off. I just size to 8x8 at 300 dpi and I've NEVER had anything on the edges cut off, they print them perfectly. Give them a try if you're interested.


  1. "I guess I'm a weenie." Made me laugh!! You are not a weenie...I can't sleep when my hubby isn't here. I make myself stay up VERY late and then fall into bed. But, I still wake up with every noise.

    Mud Pie Mojo?? Now that's my kind of ice cream. Meera looks like she would be too nice to be a middle school teacher. :D

    I heart scrapbook pictures. What kind of album do you use for the 8x8s? I'm almost convinced to stop printing in 12x12 and go to the 8x8. I've got to find a less expensive way of displaying my layouts.

    Have a great day..only one more before Todd is home!

  2. glad you had such a wonderful day with your BFF Meera!

    The Korean food looks so yummy and made me hungry - but my DH and my children are still in the open-air bath (public) and I´ll wait for them.

    Great deal with the 8x8 layouts!

  3. I'm the same when Daniel is away, and therefor I'm very happy to have our dog Ebba with me when I'm alone. She is a guarding dog, and even if it is Daniel coming home late and unlocking the door, she barks and run towards him. And when she realizes that it is someone she knows she makes the "happy dance" instead. =)

    What a nice day out with Meera, and such yummy food! I've never seen the Ceasar sallad with shrimps, but it looks delicious.

  4. You know, you don't have to resize to print at a different size your layouts are made at. I scrap 8x8, upload 8x8 but print them out 6x6. No resizing at all!

  5. We have a children's book called Bee Bim Bop. My kids have both loved it. I love Korean food.
    Great photos.

  6. I was just going to add the same thing that Jennifer did--I scrap in 12x12 , but print 8x8 at Scrapbook pictures and have never had any problems!

    So glad that Todd will be home soon--I know you must be ready!


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