Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fill me up

It's time to be frivolous. I love Coke. Photobucket When I was in high school, I didn't hang out with a drinking crowd, unless we're talking cola. I'm not sure what is the most I ever drank. Probably about 8 cans in an evening. One of my buddies tried to drink a whole 12 pack himself once ... and puked. Yep, we knew how to party. In college on perhaps my first date with Listgirl, we went to a local hamburger joint. A slippery tray and a bit too much excitement on my part resulted in my 32oz drink sliding off that tray right on to Listgirl's lap. Not only did I figure that was the last time I'd get her to accompany me anywhere, that was a lot of wasted Coke! I must have said something witty to make up for it because here we are. Thankfully no french fries were spilled or I might have screamed. Then we really might not have gotten together! A few years back I decided that in my advancing age I should switch to Diet Coke to save myself the calories. I started mixing Coke and Diet 50/50 at the fountains to help myself transition. And Coke Corporate, bless their hearts, helped me out by releasing C2 which was also a 50/50 blend of the two. Sadly, C2 was not a commercial success and is no longer around. But I pressed on and was able to drop my fountain ratio to about 20% regular and still enjoy it. I'll drink diet straight if I have to pull a can but I never did fully get used to the taste. As I mentioned here, I recently became a bit concerned that I had become addicted to the caffeine or perhaps was suffering some other ill effect from my soda consumption. So last month I took a sabbatical from Coke for a couple of weeks. Fortunately, in the absence of Coke, nothing happened. I wasn't even a little bit drowsy. So I'm back to blissfully enjoying my favorite corn-syrup/artificial-sweetener/citrusy elixir from Heaven. Next week's topic will, I'm quite certain, be on the light side as well. Some of you probably can figure out why and the rest will just have to live with the suspense. (Check back Saturday for a hint.) No doubt after that the more serious topics will return. In fact, tomorrow I'm headed off to a Socrates Cafe. If you have any topic ideas for me, enter them in the comments. And while I'm there, I'll enjoy a giant cola!
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