Sunday, August 16, 2009

I Miss Him Already

This evening Todd left town for a five day training class. I miss him already. The house is so empty without him, even though he's thin and doesn't take up much space. :p Before he left, we had lunch at Bongiornos, our favorite pizza place. Photobucket Today we tried to be good though. We each only had one slice of pizza and a salad, instead of two slices each. I love the salad there, so it's not THAT big of a sacrifice. Tonight I spent an hour and a half auditing and paying bills. I was dismayed when I realized it was 7:15pm and I had spent that much time paying bills. Plus I was hungry. Thank goodness for awesome leftovers from last night. Come join us at The Digi Dares this week as we scrap about our leaps of faith. Photobucket There are some awesome layouts by the Darers over at the site. Here is mine for this week. Photobucket Full credits at the Digi Dares or MSA.


  1. fabulous page Christine!! I was looking at the Darers ... great pages there - and very interesting.

    I believe that you are missing Todd! But time flies and he will be back soon!!

    Many hugs for you

  2. Beautiful leap of faith page! Hang in there for the next few days.

  3. you had me chuckling over the Todd not taking up much space comment! lol! Aww...he'll be home soon! Start a new book! scrapbook! Love your new layout by the way! great colors and journalling!

  4. beautiful layout! i am going to have to try to play along this week!
    sorry that Todd is off on a trip, I know that it is hard to be away from Micah...I just miss him when he isn't around. I try to remind myself that that is a good thing and I would much rather it be that way than the other way! Here is hoping that life goes by quickly while he is gone!

  5. Your layout is wonderful. I love your scrapping style (I noticed a couple more of your layouts that I'd come across on various digital websites that I'd added to my favorites folder in the past. LOL)

    I'll be hoping for you that the time speeds right by, and that before you know it Todd will be back home :)

  6. Sorry that Todd is away. I always feel very alone when Daniel is gone on work overnight. It is kind of strange, as I jused to live alone and love the freedom, but somehow I have got used to company. I have to try to enjoy the time on my own more!

    Great page, the clors are so beautiful and it feels very airy.


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