Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Look Who Came For Dinner

Photobucket Peppermint & Tom arrived in San Diego today! We're gonna cart them around and show them the sights. We started with In-N-Out Burger for dinner tonight. Because if you come to Southern CA, this is a classic, must-eat place. She tried to imitate the Todd-taking-a-big-bite face, but she doesn't look like Todd very much, doesn't she? I think it was a thumbs up for the In-N-Out Burger! Especially the fries. I "met" Peppermint about March of last year, when we got on a few of the same CT's together. We hit it off right away, and we've been chatting almost daily on IM ever since. Now I can say she's my friend IRL (in real life)! Oh and I promised her I won't drug her and sell her kidneys. You never know what kind of weird people you meet on the intertoobs. :| The next few days should be fun-filled and exciting. We're playing tour-guide, our favorite role!


  1. Lucky Peppermint to meet you!!

    Seems you both had much fun!

    And you are right, she doesn´t look like Todd with his taking-a-big-bite face!

  2. I'm so glad you guys are finally getting to meet! Have tons of fun!

  3. Hey!'s Peppermint! (and she's eating a hamburger..I just know we could be friends ;) )

    Please tell Todd that I have every intention on commenting on his post yesterday...but, between teaching the Bible lesson at Day Camp and lesson plans, my brain capacity is shot...and I need my brain to type an intelligent comment to his 'really had me thinking' post.

    Have a fun visit!

    ("drug her and sell her kidneys" hahahahaha...made me spit coffee on my keyboard!)

  4. so cute. i am glad u met Peppermint. did u know i recently met a half sister i never met? well she thought the same of me. she 4ever called me "that girl" till she got comfy with the fact a internet girl was her sister and the first time she came over when i pulled out my butcher knife to chop meat her eyes got so big. lol!!


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