Monday, July 6, 2009

Better Together

Todd went grocery shopping after work today and got lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. Photobucket Then he made a tilapia salad with fresh veggies, lettuce, and strips of tortilla for crunchiness. I was in a crabby mood due to various reasons. After dinner we sat down on the couch and Todd said, "how bad can things be when we're together?" He was right and I smiled and gave him a kiss. It's always better when we're together. Which reminded me of this song, one of my favorites from Jack Johnson.


  1. great and cool song.... and these eyes... ;-))

    Yummy fruits Todd bought!! Love fresh fruits! You can be glad to have Todd at your side.

  2. So sweet! Being married to your best friend is such a huge blessing..thanks for reminding me. I think I'll go find my friend and give him a 'Good Morning' kiss.

  3. It is so great to have love and support at home! Hope you get to feel better soon.

  4. I love fresh fruits and veggies! are those Bing cherries I see? we have been loving those here!
    and it is precious to have someone with whom everything is better! hope you are feeling better now!


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