Monday, July 27, 2009

Hanging Out with Dad

My dad drove two hours to come visit us today. Photobucket I haven't seen him since mid-March, and he hasn't been to our house in a long time. This was the first time he saw our new kitchen and he liked it. Todd made some spicy szechuan noodles and my dad liked it. I'm not sure if it was authentic Chinese food or not, since we got the recipe from Cooking Light, but it was close enough, LOL. Shelly (my dad's wife) didn't come, because she went to the East Coast for a convention. Dad showed us his vacation photos from British Columbia, Vancouver, and the Canadian Rockies. It is SO beautiful up there! I've missed my dad. This is the longest span of time that I haven't seen him since my mom passed away. When she first passed away, we would go visit him almost every weekend, because I didn't want him to be lonely. This year I haven't seen him as much because he's been traveling a lot, and we had been busy with the remodel. He's staying with us tonight and leaving after lunch tomorrow.
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