Tuesday, July 28, 2009


It's been a busy few days as has been detailed in listgirl's last few posts. So tonight, we took the night off. No cooking, no exercising, no house guests...just us two monkeys. Sometimes that is good for the soul. Well, it's not quite true that there was no cooking. My company's July birthday celebration is tomorrow and several of us are teaming up to supply the baked goodies. I tried a new Banana-Oatmeal cookie recipe. Is there anything better than cookies as far as the eye can see? Photobucket Earlier today (before the relaxing started), it was time to give another speech at Toastmasters. The project was a story with a moral. For quite a while I tried to come up with a story I could use but was stumped. Luckily I had a stroke of brilliance when I realized I could adapt a story from one of my Joe Schwarcz books. Schwarcz is a fantastic writer and his books are compilations of practical science articles. Some are about the history of chemical product development, some are the stories behind nutrition advice you might read in the paper, and some are exposes of various chicanery. I recommend them all most highly. Before the speech, I had another PT session. Not much to report there. My flexibility is improving but my strength is still...not that strong. So I keep on keeping on. But not tonight. See everyone next week!
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