Thursday, July 2, 2009

Halfway There!

Today is Day 183 of Project 365, which means we are halfway there! I can't believe that I've kept up with the photos and blogging every single day this year, for six months. Of course, now I have my recruited helper, Todd, for the Tuesdays With Todd series. That should take about 1/7 of the load off me, for the rest of the year. Heh heh. Brian and Mike came over today with the intention of fixing the electrical problem and get our oven working. They figured out it was actually a loose wire in our circuit breaker, so they went to the store to get a new one. BUT, they came back without it. Brian told me he found out at the store that we have very SPECIAL circuit breakers that are only sold in ONE store in San Diego. Boo! I don't wanna be special! Again, where's the easy button when we need it? I told them that the guy who used to own our house before us was an electrician. Maybe that's why our circuit breakers are so "special". They're coming back tomorrow with the part and hopefully then our oven will work. Because I am expecting baked goods this weekend! On the upside, Brian did put in the frosted glass for the cabinet doors above the hood. Photobucket We went to Home Depot after work and got some stuff we need, like big bags of mulch, light bulbs, and an extra dimmer switch for the vanity lights in our bathroom. Todd was going to wait until tomorrow to put it in, because he only wanted to do "fun stuff" tonight, due to tomorrow being a day off for Independence Day for us here in the U.S. But he got too excited about the dimmer switch and put it in tonight. Photobucket Doesn't it look beauuuutiful? Photobucket Sigh. The stuff we get excited about nowadays. We had Peppered Steak in Beer and Garlic for dinner tonight, along with corn on the cob. Todd marinaded the steak for 22 hours before grilling it. He liked it. I thought it was slightly less flavorful than I had anticipated, considering there's garlic, peppercorn, and beers involved. Photobucket I can't find the recipe on the interwebs to link you up. Boo! Lastly, I got the download for the photos I purchased from Action Sports International. Their photographers took photos of me (and everyone else) along the marathon route in Seattle, and also at the finish line. They also took photos of the famous sights of Seattle. What an amazing photo of Mt. Rainer! I can't believe it was so clear last Saturday in Seattle! Photobucket Whenever I saw cameras on the route, I raised my hands, waved, and smiled. Gotta be photogenic even while running 13.1 miles, right? ;) Photobucket Here I am at the finish line. I like how you can see me holding my own camera, LOL! Photobucket My official finisher's photo, with my medal. Photobucket Well, that is all for tonight. I am SO looking forward to the long weekend! I plan to read, scrap, exercise, eat, and all that good stuff. And clean the house. (Ugh.)


  1. So nice with a long weekend! Happy 4th of July! (or how you say it...)

    Guess mounting dimmers qualify as "fun stuff" too sometimes. =)

    The photos of you from the run looks great. I'm not sure I could have pulled off a smile during such a long run!

  2. AWESOME kitchen!! YAY to Todd for NOT PROCRASTINATING!! My sweetie pie can build/fix/install almost anything...yet waits MONTHS to do it lol. **example, smoke alarm beeping because battery needed changed, bought batteries, smoke alarm beeped so long we no longer noticed it, a year later my Dad was going nuts at the chirping we didn't hear and was going to go buy batteries and the battery to put in was sitting on the shelf not 10 feet from the smoke alarm. Dad changed it. I never worried about it, they were hard wired in...what are the odds of the house catching on fire during a power outage? (bad amy, bad).

    SO yay for Todd!!

    Your half marathon photos are GREAT - you weren't the only one waving and smiling, that guy in the back of the first photo looks pretty rowdy too :D

  3. Your running photos look great! Looks like you could have run for another 2 hours...

    And that picture of Mt. Ranier?? God is so awesome!

    Congrats on the 6 month mark..I've taken a picture everyday, but I am very far behind on the layouts.

    I just love the remodel..I know y'all are so proud of it!

    Happy Independence Day!

  4. I totally agree with Tracey!! And your shots are really great!

    Delicious food it remembers me to eat! I forgot these today after lunch because of many appointments

    Have a great weekend!


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