Friday, July 24, 2009


Today we went to Comic-Con with Peppermint & Tom. This was a very exciting day for Tom because he'd been wanting to go to Comic-Con for a long time. San Diego is famous for this annual convention, and about 150,000 people come for Comic-Con every year. We drove to Qualcomm Stadium and took the trolley to downtown again. Photobucket Peppermint and Todd on the train. Photobucket Once inside the convention center, we took the escalator up to register and get our badges. Photobucket Tom and Todd were very excited and ready to get started. Photobucket The exhibition floor was HUGE with very fancy displays. Photobucket Todd with Bumble Bee from The Transformers. Photobucket One of my favorite childhood cartoons in Taiwan (but it's Japanese): Mazinger Z! Photobucket I was excited, because do you know who was sitting in the background in the photo, signing autographs? Photobucket It's none other than Peter Mayhew, Chewbacca in the Star Wars movies! Todd caught a photo of someone in a Captain America costume. Photobucket Me with the spies from Spy vs Spy (Mad magazine). Photobucket Todd saw a woman in Wonder Woman costume. Photobucket Todd with R2A6 from Star Wars: Phantom Menace. Photobucket Todd found Waluigi from Super Mario Brothers. Photobucket When we were leaving, Todd saw this guy from Rotten Tomatoes. Peppermint kept telling Todd to go take a bite out of the tomato, so he did! Photobucket This photo makes me laugh really hard, LOL. After a good six hours at Comic-Con, we were tired, so we left and went to dinner at Nozomi's. We had sushi there and it was all delicious, except that both my sushi and Peppermint's sushi were very spicy. Hers even spicier than mine. Photobucket Photobucket Then we took them to Tea Station, where we introduced Tom to boba milk tea. Photobucket He said he found it "interesting". We had a lot of fun today, but it was also very exhausting. I'm betting tomorrow's adventures will get a late start as we all get some beauty sleep tonight!


  1. You and Todd need to quit your day jobs and form a travel agency that specializes in tours of San Diego..reading about your adventures has been almost as fun as being there. Except y'all are eating better food :D

    Saw Peppermint's name on the returning designer list at the LilyPad...How cool is that?

    Have a great time today!

  2. I thought of you this morning and wondered if you were going to Comic-Con. Micah was reading all about it on-line--he is a huge comic book fan/collector and has always wanted to go. I am going to have to show him your pics. It looks like it was tons of fun.

    It looks like you are having tons of fun with Peppermint and Tom--how fun to meet a scrapping friend IRL! Enjoy your time together!

  3. love to read and to see your adventures with Peppermint!! Seems you had fantastic days together!!!

  4. Looks like you guys have been having lots of fun! What great hosts you are! The photo of Todd and the Tomatoe made me laugh..too fun! I LOVE ice coffee with Boba..but my caucasion husband thinks it's "interesting" too. that just a nice way of sayng "uh..yah, no I'll pass next time.." lol.

  5. YUM...sushi.

    I love all the Comic-Con fans who dress up. Way entertaining to watch all the peeps.

  6. Yeah, definitely after seeing the SUSHI I have to come to San Diego - we have ONE sushi bar in the area. I have eaten some in other places we have gone, but yours looks mighty tasty!! And spicy is okay with me :D

  7. I haven't been craving the boba milk tea like I thought, but I'm definitely going to try "green" instead of "black" next time we're out!

  8. Hi Christine - My brother is planning to go to Comic Con next year and we know NOTHING about San Diego! If you have time, could you email me? I'd like to show you a list of hotels and get your opinion on them. Thanks so much!


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