Monday, June 1, 2009

No Extra Time

I have received a few requests to make more templates for scrapper's personal projects that they're working on, either more numbers or more alphabets. The sad fact is that I really just don't have the extra time to do these for each and every request that I receive, especially at the requestors' time frames. Please understand that I work a full-time job, which can be quite demanding with extra hours sometimes. Any spare time I have is taken up with my personal scrapping, CT commitments, and Project 365 blogging/documenting. I wish I had more time to exercise more and to read, but I don't even have that extra time right now, especially with the remodeling going on. So my apologies up front. Any templates that I give away are because I made them for myself to scrap, or because I'm committed to do the twelve months of the year. I'm not able to make the monthly templates ahead of time, because it takes me several hours to make one, and I simply don't have the spare time right now. I do the templates for free out of the love of scrapping. I just can't do them on demand. Again, I'm really sorry if that's disappointing to some of you. I really do appreciate the fact that you like them and are using them.

We've had some overcast weather here the last few days. Even mist and drizzle. But today I was walking out of my work building at lunch to pick up something to eat, when I looked up and saw some blue skies and a beautiful canopy of palm leaves.

I received a PM at DST yesterday that I won a 2009 Scrapper's Choice Award in the "Best Use of Multiple Photos (Nominated)" category. It came as quite a surprise, since I had no idea I was even nominated! So I just want to thank whoever it was that nominated me. They closed the nomination threads, so I really have no idea who it was that nominated my layout. If you're reading this, feel free to comment in this post so I can thank you! I really appreciate it and it was a nice surprise!


  1. Congrats Christine! I just learned to access blogs via my "just a phone" cell phone. Our net is down and I was starting to suffer withdrawls. So glad to see your blue sky-we had some gray and rain today - thunder too!

  2. Christine I thank you so much for stopping my blog and reading my thoughts.Sorry ur busy I feel the same way. And this hobby of our can be pretty time consuming too.

  3. and congrats on the award! so deserved!!

  4. Congratulations! I'm sure it was even more of a welcomed surprise after the hectic week[s] you're having. Keep up the good work.

  5. Since the 'on demand' templates are a no go, how about a Digital Scrapbooking class using Photoshop Elements?? And, if it's OK, I'd like to have this class on the beach (in California, of course). AND..for our lunch break, I would absolutely have to have one of the burgers as big as my head. For the dinner break, Todd could make us a gourmet meal with the red beans for dessert. For the second day, you could arrange for a morning run, where you could run and I could take pictures while waiting for you to get back ;).

    What do you think?? I can definitely wait until the remodel is done..mainly because I would love, love, love to see it in person. Let me know.. ;)

    Congrats on the rock!

  6. People ask for on-demand templates? Well, as long as you're taking requests I'd like to come to the Photoshop training (with lunch) on the beach that Tracey has requested. :o) Seriously, I enjoy your blog and your great photos. Don't let the needy people make you feel guilty for having a life. Congrats on the award!

  7. Congratulations!!!!!! That´s wonderful!!

    Love your palm tree shot!! It looks like holidays!!

  8. Congrats! You make such beautiful LO's, so even if I don't know which one that won, I know it was well deserved. =)

    Great photo of the palm trees, the perspective is very cool!

  9. oh man Christine! No explanation should be needed, dude, you should be CHARGING for those things! Your templates are amazing! Sorry if you've been getting some flack about it....not cool.

    And secondly, forgot to congratulate you!!!! I LOVE your Lo's and this one was totally a well deserved win!


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