Thursday, June 18, 2009

Good News

After hearing from our neighbors and a couple of other knowledgeable people that Zumbar in Sorrento Valley has really great coffee, espresso, latte, etc., Todd decided to go check it out a couple of weeks ago. Trouble was, the place had a non-descript generic sign, none of which was the actual store name. So Todd couldn't find it last time. But today he figured out where it was, and got a latte. Todd's actually not a coffee drinker. He was just curious about what the big deal was about this place. So when I asked him, "Did you like it?", he said, "It was fine, but it's not going to convert me into a coffee drinker or anything." Some of you may know that Todd used to play in a rock band called The Northstar Session. I have thousands of photos of the band performing and touring in 2004-2006. I always get excited when someone comes out with a kit about music so I can whip out my numerous photos and scrap them. When I saw this "Start The Music" kit by Julia Makotinsky @ Little Dreamer Designs this week, I knew that I had hit the jackpot. It was really perfect and I love the little touches like the spotlights. Full credits here. The upper left photo cracks me up. The band would have various photo shoots, and they would coordinate their outfits, kind of like us girls do, LOL. Except they're guys. So one time, the lead singer Matt (far right in that photo) decided that as a band they needed "a look". So he somehow managed to get the other three guys to go along for a clothing shopping trip to Buffalo Exchange, a used clothing store. They actually got some cool vintagey clothing there. And Todd got a vest. Matt was really envious of Todd's vest. A couple of weeks later, he called Todd up one day and said, "Guess what? I have good news." Todd thought he was going to say that they got a cool gig somewhere, or maybe one of their songs got picked up for airplay, or maybe they got a big recording contract or something. So Todd said, "what's that?" And Matt said, "I got a vest too!"


  1. Those were some fun days when we would travel around as Todd's groupies.

  2. oh I´m too late for the $1,- wednesday sale at LDD... is this sale every wednesday?

    I asked about the fantastic new kit from Julia Makotinsky..

    Your page is really stunning - I love it!!

    Todd´s coffee looks delicious

  3. Mmm, that latte looks so yummy!

    Cool LO, the kit is really great for the pictures.


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