Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Doors and Drawers

Today most of the doors and drawers on our kitchen cabinets got installed. They still have to come back with the last of them tomorrow, plus install the hardware handles on them. Todd had lunch with two of his friends that he used to work with. They haven't gotten together for lunch in months, so Todd thought it was about time. They went to Chile Peppers, Todd's favorite authentic Mexican restaurant. I'm excited for this weekend, when we can move our kitchen and bathroom stuff into our new drawers and cabinets! They've been sitting in a bunch of boxes in the living room. They will finally go home, where they belong.


  1. When I see pictures of your new kitchen, I get complete kitchen that wrong?

    It is going to be absolutely beautiful. Ah heck, it already is.

  2. I'm with Alice..pure T coveting going on here in the southern section of the country!

    Where does Todd get his T-shirts? They crack me up..I think my favorite is the 'I make things up' shirt.

    Have you decided on the menu for your first fabulous dinner in your new fabulous kitchen?

    Have a great day..we're off to the pool with friends!

  3. I've been really busy too and haven't had time to read your blog for several days. Amazing how much better everything looks. I'm sure you'll grow to love the new shower too.

  4. The pace is a lot faster now, it seems, with the kitchen. The new doors looks great! Can't wait to see the before/after pics.

    I have to agree with Tracy above; Todds t-shirts are so funny!

  5. I thought Todd's favorite Mexican Restaurant was Casa de Meera. That's my favorite restaurant.

  6. Well, Todd looks right at home there in his new kitchen!! It's stunning Christine!!

  7. great shot from Todd and his working friends. Cool t-shirt!!


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