Monday, June 15, 2009

Delayed Again

Sigh. I thought the remodel would be finished today, at the latest by tomorrow. But not really. Now the aim is to finish by Friday. Todd worked from home today in order to give instructions and monitor the remodeling, since now the installation of stuff like the exhaust hood, mirrors, and lighting need our input. Well, by 10:00am, nobody showed up yet, and no one called us. So Todd called Rhi, the project manager. She said they had a big meeting first thing this morning regarding what to do about our microwave trim not fitting into the space between the surrounding drawers and doors. This is what I mean. It doesn't fit vertically or horizontally. They came up with a plan to totally redo the drawer fronts and cabinet doors so that there would be new spacing to fit the microwave trim. Reason is, there are only two microwave trims, and this was the smaller one already. So they have to make two new doors and four new drawer fronts, at their expense. It is a good solution except for one fact: when you open the drawers, you will see that the drawer fronts aren't centered. The OCD in me is naturally horrified. But there's nothing else they can really do. They cannot make bigger cabinets because the countertops are already on. So, from the outside everything will look fine. When *I* open up those drawers, I will see that the front is off-center. It's hard to explain without a visual, so I'll just have to take a photo at the end of this week and show you. This development was a little depressing to me. Then, because they weren't going to finish today anyways, they pulled Louis off the job and put him to work at someone else's remodel today. Without telling us. Todd stayed home for nothing. I was really angry about the lack of communication. That angers me more than unexpected things actually happening. So we called Eric, our project foreman. His phone was off. I could not wait any longer. Todd found the cell phone number of the owner of the company, Tom, and we called him. Talking to Tom made us feel a little better, because he always says, "We'll make it right". I hope so. Todd says that the solution to the microwave trim problem is a good one, but he understands why it still upsets me due to my OCD need for things to line up. He says the way I am is a difficult way to live. Well duh. I know that. But it's hard to let it go. In the afternoon, Eric called us back. We asked enough questions for him to agree to come to the house and measure and explain things to us. Even more of a bonus was that DJ was coming too. DJ is the person responsible for the cabinet design and drawings. Together, they figured out the measurements they needed and what they needed to do. This issue wasn't completely DJ's fault. They were supposed to build the cabinets according to the appliance manufacture's detailed spec sheets. The spec sheet for the microwave trim said 26 5/8 inches across. DJ designed the space at 26 1/8 inches across. Yes, it is half an inch short already. But the actual measurement of the trim is 27 1/8 inches! So even if DJ would have designed it to spec, it still wouldn't have fit. So my whole day was pretty much spent thinking and talking about this issue. I can't think of a more fun way to spend the day. ::very sarcastic face:: On a way more positive note... Audrey Neal asked me to do a layout for a challenge on her blog called Letters & Words: Font Collage. I took inspiration from the website Wordle, and came up with this: Full credits here. It was really fun and I hope you will play along and link up on Audrey's blog!


  1. What a cool layout! Maybe I'll do on for my family with all the crazy things I have to say to my "please don't pick that bandaid off the pavement, you don't need it", "no, you cannot have an ice cream sandwich for breakfast", and "that's nice, now take the bug back outside and let him live".

    Maybe the off center cabinet is God's way of helping you let go a little??

    You are almost done with this remodel..8 weeks from now, it's just a distant memory..with a super cool kitchen / bathroom!

  2. what a cool take on this challenge! and about the delays try to remind yourself thats life not much goes as planned and i know there have been alot of delays but its getting there and everything is allright. wishing happy microwave trimming to your christine.

  3. Sorry guys, I know what you're saying. But the principle really is the fact that we didn't pay all this money for the kitchen to start out being imperfect. That's what really bothers me.

  4. thats true. really the microwave thing is a bummer. it seems like its gonna take some work to get it done and it must be a pain to have people in ur house each day especially with already having taken time off of work this week. Is the kitchen able to be used yet?

  5. I'm sorry about the struggles with the remodeling. I should have been so disapointed myself, I'm very picky. I really hope that the solution will be good for everyone. Anyway, it is a really cool place to have the microwave in, easy to reach. Ours is mounted much higher up, and beeing rather short, I sometimes have trouble reaching it.


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