Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Tuesdays with Todd is back. I think listgirl has caught on to the fact that I'll write a blog post for her in exchange for a pat on the head. I may need to reevaluate what I will sell out for. I could start demanding at least a fawning complement of my physique. Or maybe I could demand she brush my teeth for me. If you have a better idea, let me know in the comments. As detailed here, my doctor thinks my running pain comes from an imbalance in muscle strength. I was sent to the physical therapist today in order to assess which muscles needed some extra exercise work. Assess -- I kill myself! As she pushed my legs in ever-weirder directions, I focused on her commentary. "This is pretty tight" didn't bother me so much. I've never been the most flexible dude. But "wow, that's weak" was rather emasculating. I mean really, does she say that to all the guys? Some bedside manner there... I thought I was in China for a minute! I also learned that my right quad is stronger than my left. No idea why that is. Oh yeah, that oh-so-weak muscle? None other than my glut. Yes, I have a weak butt! Who knows what listgirl thinks of my butt in her heart of hearts? (Well, I do, but I'm not telling.) But now she and everyone else reading here will probably think of it in a whole new light. Now I know how Randi felt. Aside from that I gave a talk at Toastmasters today. It was about the theory behind musical rhythm. It was not my tops ever in terms of delivery but I was well-prepared with interesting facts and musical clips. So the response was favorable and I'm satisfied overall. In addition to the technical stuff, I mentioned that humans are uniquely wired to "move to the beat." There are no animals who do that. And in fact infants start doing this, albeit in a very uncoordinated way, at just a few months of age. So Rev. Moore was wrong. We are made to shake our bootys - weak though they may be. I may be the blogger but the picture is not mine. Listgirl went back to aerobics today after spending the last few months in run training. Here is the gym crew. Photobucket


  1. Weak butt, strong mind!

    I'm sorry the butt muscle lady was rude...maybe you could try this next time you visit the PT..

    At my last physical appointment, I knew the doc would tell me that I was overweight. I didn't want to hear it, so I talked and talked about my fatness. I talked so much about it, he never said a word. So...next time you are at the PT, just talk and talk about your weak rear and it will steal her joy in telling you. Just a thought!

    Have a great California summer day!

  2. I knew you were a closet SYTYCD fan, Todd! And I don't want to hear about any ifs, ands or BUTTS.

  3. shake hands - we both are having appointments at the physical therapist! Hope it will works!

  4. HOW FUN to have the real TODD posting! Physical therapy doesn't sound fun (I never went to mine when I broke my knee...cuz I had nowhere to hide 6 kids while Kurt was working - so I just skipped it lol)


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