Monday, June 22, 2009

First Full Day of Summer

Today Dominic came and did touch-up painting in our remodeled areas. He got here before I left for work, so I showed him where I had stuck post-it notes to mark spots that needed to be painted. He found some more spots. Then I left him to it and went to work. He seemed to have done a good job. He had to sand some places, so I got to vacuum AGAIN when I came home from work. Did I tell you that I got a blister on my right hand from vacuuming so much the last three days? I did! Dominic painted the entryway into our kitchen, where they re-texturized the drywall. Now it's all orange again. I know, we do have a lot of orange in our house. If you told me this ten years ago, I might have been horrified. I still think Todd's mom is kinda aghast at our orange walls. She likes beige. It has been a long time since I've taken a self-portrait, so I took one today. Right after discovering the inch and a half of dark roots, I highlighted my hair. Todd actually helps me with it. He also baked a cake today, using our neighbor's functional oven. I know, what else could a girl want, right? A guy who bakes cake, and helps with hair highlighting. Seriously. Today's the first full day of summer! Coincidentally, Todd made a new recipe for part of our dinner tonight. It is called Potato Salad with Herbs and Grilled Summer Squash. It was actually very good. We had it with leftover BBQ chicken from last night. In honor of the first full day of summer, I am posting my To-Do List for this summer.
  1. Rent a room on the beach.
  2. Go to Del Mar Fair.
  3. Go to horse racing at Del Mar Fairgrounds.
  4. Lobster buffet at Valley View Casino.
  5. Taste of Gaslamp
  6. Padres game
  7. Run the AFC Half
  8. Take the train to an Angels game
  9. Walk on the beach on a week night.
  10. Sea World
  11. Photo shoot
  12. Rent the yellow street go-carts down at the Embarcadero.
  13. Read
  14. Hillcrest farmers market
  15. Grand Re-Opening party at our house.
  16. Go to Ohio for Todd's HS reunion.
  17. Hike Torrey Pines
  18. Photo Secret San Diego excursions.
  19. San Diego Symphony Pops at the Embarcadero.
  20. Hornblower dinner cruise
  21. Run the Seattle RnR Half
  22. 15th wedding anniversary in Seattle
  23. Take ferry to Coronado and rollerblade
  24. Old Town Trolley Tour
  25. Ice cream at Seaport Village
  26. Peppermint & Tom visit
  27. Legoland
  28. Hot dogs @ Hotel Del Coronado
  29. Burger Lounge
  30. Cupcake Love
  31. Comic-Con
  32. Watch a sunset @ Sunset Cliffs
  33. Kayak to the Caves
  34. Grunion runs
  35. Old Town olive oil store
  36. Fireworks
  37. Cook for friends
  38. Boogie boarding with Sally
  39. Scrap all our activities
  40. Go back to cardio gym class
  41. Green Flash Concert @ Birch Aquarium


  1. Potato salad and BBQ?? Sounds like a good ol' North Carolina meal to me! Put some coleslaw on that BBQ sandwich and it will be just like you are here...which would be really cool, except that it's hot and humid today. ;)

    You know who else has orange walls?? HEATHER! Heather has lots of orange because she and her hubby went to Clemson...but that's OK, I still call her my friend ;).

    Love the list...can't wait to see the photos from your adventures!

  2. First full day of summer? I feel like summer is half way over already! I love your list--so many fun things. Micah would be so jealous of Comic-con--he is a major collector and has always wanted to go to one.

  3. At least your roots are dark and not totally gray like mine!!

    Love the list. I need to make a list. I've never done that before, but I love the idea of it. I have tickets to see Counting Crows at Pechanga, so that will be #1 on my list!!

  4. I'm assuming I'm numbers 26 all the way through 31? LOL Did you find tickets to Comic-Con?! I'd be willing to go kayaking, too.

  5. Numbers 26-33 then, Peppermint!

  6. what a big summer-to-do-list!

    Love orange coloured walls!

    You´ll be blessed with a husband like Todd - he seems to be a dream man.

    Yummy food and a great self-portrait!


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