Monday, June 8, 2009

"Glee"ful Connections

Ahhh... the power of the internet! Yesterday I posted about Glee, a new Fox Network tv show this fall, and how much I like it. My running friends and listgirl blog readers AKA Alice and Anne both commented that THEIR running blog friend Southbay Girl works on the set of Glee and has photos on her blog. How cool is THAT? Today was sort of a crappy day. I am working on a secret project at work, on top of my normal busy week. The two weeks after the end of the month are my busiest. Then when I got home, I realized that they've installed the trim for the middle shower valves and somehow the handheld shower head is WAY down on the wall and the cord is literally dragging on the floor of the shower. It looks incredibly stupid. UNACCEPTABLE! I'd have to say, right now I'm not too fond of the new shower. It looks stupid and I actually don't like the river rock floor, they hurt my feet. So after spending an unthinkable amount on the bathroom remodel, I hate my big shower. Hate it. I drowned my sorrow with parmesan truffle fries. This is why I'm 15 lbs overweight. Because I get down and I eat bad food. Often. At least I have a great husband who poses for fun pictures, and he's always optimistic and cheers me up.


  1. aww man I am so sorry you dont like ur shower. its very pretty! i think i would want to eat some nachos if that happen to me. I crave nachos daily for some bad reason!

  2. I totally get not liking the way your shower floor feels on your feet. If I was unhappy with that it would make me sad too. Was talking with Scott about it and he says there's a coating type stuff that is waterproof that you may be able to put on your floor the even out the surface so it doesn't hurt anymore. He saw it used on a garage floor in one of his home improvement mags. LOL

  3. Oh no, that´s horrific - poor Christine!

    I´m glad you are having such a wonderful husband like Todd!


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