Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Bum Wheel

Hi kids, it's Todd again. After my last guest post turned out to be slightly better than disastrous, I have been invited to be a semi-regular guest blogger here at listgirl. Now I don't need to get my own blog to infect you all with my thoughts. Score the win for laziness! Now all I have to worry about is gender confusion. Today I visited Dr #3 about my running/leg woes. I've been learning more than I ever wanted to know about iliotibial band syndrome. Essentially the tendon (pictured in the first link) rubs against the bone just above my right knee causing irritation. It only takes about 3 miles for this to start happening. The first time this happened to me was 5/9. Before that, I could run at least a dozen miles with no issues. OK, actually there was lots of whining and moaning that I wanted to go home and crawl back into bed but no IT band issues. So what happened? Why am I this way now? Nobody is really sure. But the next treatment I am going to try is to have a physical therapist assess the strength of my various muscles and work on the weakest ones. The theory being that the relative strength imbalance is causing too much rotation during my stride and ultimately leading to rubbing and pain. Usually it's one of the gluteal muscles that is the problem. So yes, I am seeing a doctor in order to get a tighter butt. Please insert your best jokes in the comments. For remodel news, please see the past 8 posts. Some progress, nearly done, but not done yet. Our refrigerator was put back in his home today. The microwave oven is still an issue. But with this done I say I could start putting things away and actually cook a meal. I've got some things this week so that will probably happen Saturday. Yes, check back Saturday for pics of the new kitchen's first meal. The bathroom also got a little bit of attention today in the form of mirrors and vanity lights. That means the bathroom is done but for a couple of glass panels and wood trim. So we're moving in tonight - no more guest bathroom for us!
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