Thursday, June 11, 2009

Great Pinch Hitter

In baseball, a great pinch-hitter is someone who doesn't play regularly, but can step up to the plate and get a hit in crucial situations during the game. This week Todd was a great pinch hitter for me! Without him, I would have missed a couple of days of photos. Of course, he's not just a great pinch-hitter for Project 365 photos, he's a great pinch hitter for everything I do. I guess you could take the analogy further and say that he is a great "utility" player on Team Newman, a multi-skilled player who always picks up the slack. So thanks to Todd!


  1. I can no longer put off this question...after seeing Todd's picture of another beautiful restaurant with another catchy and very original name, I MUST ask...

    Does San Diego have ANY fast food restaurants?? And, if they do, do y'all ever eat at one??

    If I were to take pictures of our 'restaurant adventures', you would get pictures of the speaker / menu screen as I converse with the human inside the black box.

    Love your and Todd are a very sweet couple!

    Happy Weekend!

  2. Hi Christine, just came by to say I LOVED your layout about Todd that was in one of the newsletter (The Muse, I think?). You and Todd are very blessed. And your new blog look is super cool!

  3. Isn't it nice to have a great team at home! =) Todd has done an excellent job on the blog, and from your posts you two really seems to support and comfort eachother. Your blog is so filled with love, and it is a happy blog!

  4. To be a great team is so special and wonderful, sometimes rare and your are so blessed!


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