Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch...

Today Todd's department had an offsite meeting at The Inn in Rancho Santa Fe. Photos today courtesy of Todd. While we live only a few miles from Rancho Santa Fe, it is a whole different world. Rich people live there. Like, Bill Gates has a San Diego home there. And so do some pro baseball players and football players. And other celebrities. Forbes reported Rancho Santa Fe as having the third most expensive ZIP code in the United States, and most expensive in California, with a median home sale price of $2,585,000. Gulp. So, forget about 90210, because 92067 is where it's at! Well, it's beautiful there, that's for sure. I went to a rummage sale there once in which people lined up around the block before it even started, just to get a chance to rummage through the second-hand sales. Oh and you may have heard of Rancho Santa Fe for another more dubious reason: 39 members of the cult Heaven's Gate committed suicide in a big house in Rancho Santa Fe in 1997. The big news today was that NCR Corporation, the company that I worked at for 14 years, announced that it will move its world headquarters from Dayton, Ohio to Duluth, GA. Many Daytonians and my former co-workers are in shock. Most of the jobs will move to Georgia as well. Dayton has hit hard times with many companies moving out. GM closed its SUV plant in Moraine (suburb of Dayton) back in December. Many jobs were lost. Since I lived there for 6.5 years, my heart goes out to the people and city of Dayton. It really has fallen on hard times. NCR has been in Dayton for 125 years and has been a part of the city's history. It's a sad day there today.


  1. This is unfrakkin' believeable. NCR is leaving Dayton? What about all our friends who still work there?

  2. I know, Jay! I'm going to email some of our friends in Dayton today and ask them if they know what's happening with their jobs. :(

  3. beautiful picture and what sad news. I am wondering if our local plant for GM will close soon. I sure hope not since they employ a great number of people in this area. one thing i fnd amazing about this economy slump is how I can seperate my needs from my wants so much better.

  4. Your news are so sad, but the pictures are really beautiful!

  5. Sad about Dayton.
    2mil? No problem. We should go in on one 50-50. Half of it will be the NewmanClubhouse, and the other half will be Andon'a Playhouse.

  6. Oh, the meeting place is really fabulous. What a garden! Hope they had a great day there.

    So sorry about your friends that may loose their jobs. It is hard times!

  7. And I thought places in La Jolla were nice..


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