Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Should Have Bought A Lottery Ticket

last week... because apparently I was very lucky!

On Wednesday last week, I was selected by the official Silhouette blog to win a $25 GC to their store, out of a little over 100 entries!  In case you don't know, the Silhouette is a digital cutter.  I did a project using the machine here.  I was excited to win because I had been wanting to download the various holiday shapes to make cards with.

On Friday, it was announced on the Paislee Press (Liz Tamanaha) blog that I won the Totally Rad Action 2:  The Revenge set of photo actions!  This was out of over 500 entries.  I could not believe it when I saw that I was the one randomly picked!  I actually left my desk and went over to Todd and jumped up and down!  It was a very generous giveaway from Paislee Press and Doug Boutwell of Totally Rad Actions.  I just got my actions today and let me show you what I've done with them.


I really love a bunch of the photo actions. They are really easy to run and adjust. I can't wait to play more with them when I have more time. :)

Speaking of Liz and Paislee Press, she was a guest blogger at Ella Publishing's blog today.  She has a tutorial for a Giving Thanks Mini album and a free download of the journaling templates.  The album looks easy and fun to do.  I want to do one when I have time!

And then... on Sunday I received a message on Facebook from the fabulous Randi Oh.  She is a designer (Studio Oh) at Scrapbook Graphics.  She picked me, out of everyone on her FB fan page, to receive a free kit!  How generous is Randi?!  And how lucky am I?? 

I picked Randi's gorgeous kit, Bella Joy Merry Christmas.
I can't wait to scrap with it! The kit is HUGE and full of yummy colors and rich elements!

So that's been my very lucky week.  I told Todd I should have bought a lottery ticket.  Or maybe Peppermint told me I should have bought a lottery ticket.  I can't remember now... all the excitement has clouded my brain,  ha ha.

Today's photo:

Todd enjoys giving me art supplies and hobby supplies as gifts. He really encourages me in my artsy fartsy endeavors! One Christmas, he gave me crayons, coloring pencils, and a bunch of super-cool grown-up coloring books. They had intricate geometric patterns, and even stain glass window designs on vellum paper that you can color. I appreciate Todd's thoughtfulness so much. So really, I already am the MOST LUCKY person in the world to be married to Todd. :)


  1. WOW! I am super happy for your bounty. Those actions look awesome, have fun playing.

  2. Indeed you sound lucky, but I think you're also deserving. Maybe the 365 project helped since it kept you active and "out there" and, hey, it's almost done...can you believe it?!

  3. What an awesome week! You SHOULD have bought a lottery ticket! :)

    I like your pencils (And I'm thinking my nieces are old enough (15) now that I can have nice art stuff again.

  4. The button tree:
    That wasn't *the* picture I saw yesterday, but this link is what I saw last year that motivated me to make the tree. Plus she talks about how to do it. Please let me know if you have any questions!

  5. I saw that you won the actions and was so happy for you!


  6. yeah!! congrats! i was pretty happy to see you had won the rad actions too!!

  7. Get out! All that in one week..AND you own some kickin' pencils! My little art class has been working with watercolor them!

    Congrats on all the sweet about the 'most lucky' part. :D

  8. i think you should still buy a lottery ticket! :D
    p.s. you were a random winner (though VERY glad you won).. so go now and win the lottery!

  9. Congrats!! It is so much fun winning stuff, and I can so understand your excitement.

    The kit is just lovely! I like Christmas kits that doesn't uses the ordinary bright reds and greens.


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