Monday, December 28, 2009

Five Alive!

Look who I found on the couch with my new eReader today...

You know, with the Christmas gift that HE gave to ME? :p

I found two lists today that I really liked, each with five things in them.

First is 5 Ways to Fight Procrastination by Lain Ehmann.  She's the co-owner of Ella Publishing.  Being a procrastinator, I could use the tips!

Next is my friend Anne's 5 Considerations for 2010 Running Goals.  I loved reading it, but don't think I could implement it due to the fact that I AM one of those people who would run long-distance races and say "I only want to finish" and not set a time goal.  I'm just not that goal-oriented about running.  It's a win that I'm out there running at all, LOL!  I think I could do #1:  Pick a central theme, for your running and your life.  My theme in 2010 is, Goallessness.  I could also do #5:  Run as if there's nowhere to hide.  I did join West Coast Road Runners again for January - June, so I'll be accountable to run with people on Saturday mornings, and also to my running blog readers.  All five of them!  :D


  1. How do you like the Reader? I've been thinking of purchasing a Kindle but can't decide. Have you used a Kindle? I know you mentioned Todd has used one. Does he like one better than the other?

  2. You and your hubbie are adorable. Loved looking at your blog while picking up the monthly templates! Thanks!

  3. you both are so special and it´s always a light of my day, to visit your blog!

  4. I had a feeling Listgirl would approve of that blog post. I can't believe you are almost to the end of Project 365; what a herculean effort on your part. I hope you will blog regularly because there are a lot of us who looked forward to whatever you had to post.


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