Monday, December 28, 2009

Five Alive!

Look who I found on the couch with my new eReader today...

You know, with the Christmas gift that HE gave to ME? :p

I found two lists today that I really liked, each with five things in them.

First is 5 Ways to Fight Procrastination by Lain Ehmann.  She's the co-owner of Ella Publishing.  Being a procrastinator, I could use the tips!

Next is my friend Anne's 5 Considerations for 2010 Running Goals.  I loved reading it, but don't think I could implement it due to the fact that I AM one of those people who would run long-distance races and say "I only want to finish" and not set a time goal.  I'm just not that goal-oriented about running.  It's a win that I'm out there running at all, LOL!  I think I could do #1:  Pick a central theme, for your running and your life.  My theme in 2010 is, Goallessness.  I could also do #5:  Run as if there's nowhere to hide.  I did join West Coast Road Runners again for January - June, so I'll be accountable to run with people on Saturday mornings, and also to my running blog readers.  All five of them!  :D
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