Sunday, December 27, 2009

Good Enough

Another year has almost gone by.  Normally this time of the year, I'm making my list of resolutions for next year.  But I have some different thoughts about that this year.

I'm a perfectionist.  I used to get upset if things didn't go just as I had planned.  (Yes, as you can imagine, I got upset often.)  And I wouldn't do something unless I thought I could do it as close to perfect as I could, in my eyes.  This has caused procrastination and lack of action in doing some things, because of the fear of failure, or of being imperfect.  It is only in the last 2-3 years that I've eased up on myself.  I think my mom's death really put things in perspective for me.  Some things are worth doing, even if I can't do them perfectly.  "Good enough" on some things is just that, good enough!  The time spent trying to reach from 90% to 100% can be staggering incrementally.  Is it really worth hours of additional work to get a little bit more towards perfection?  And really, nobody is perfect.  Todd showed me an article on the other day that really struck a cord with me.  The title was called "Getting to Good Enough".  It really helped me understand that not everything has to be perfect, or planned out perfectly.  It's okay to be good enough, and to plan it that way.  It would free up a lot of time and energy into other things that are enjoyable.  One thing that I can definitely apply this principle to is cleaning off my desk.  I often put it off because it seems too daunting to have to get EVERYTHING organized and off the desk.  But if my goal is to be good enough, then spending 15 minutes to get a lot of things off the desk and filed away doesn't seem so bad.

Our next door neighbor Fred gave us some freshly roasted coffee beans for Christmas.  I grinded them and made some coffee this morning.  The aroma was amazing and it was delicious.

Todd and I prepared a crock pot dish this morning before church. I chopped all the vegetables and he seared the beef and made the sauce. We put it all into the crockpot and left for church. After church, we went to In-N-Out Burger. (Yum!) Then I spent a good part of the afternoon auditing and paying bills, but I'm so glad they're done for now.

It is the Provencal Beef Stew from Cooking Light.

We added some noodles. It was really good!


  1. We need some of that beef stew and fresh roasted coffee over here! It's going to be a COLD week..

    Can I be the first one this morning to tell you how cool the monkey hoodie is?? Can't wait to see a picture of you out in public wearing it...especially the cute ears!

    Loved the pictures of your family on Christmas day. So sweet.

    Hope you had a fabulous Christmas!!
    p.s. needed to hear the 'good enough' part..I've been procrastinating on lesson plans for this very reason.

  2. Okay, I get to be the SECOND one this morning to tell you how cool the monkey hoodies is! :)

    Your outlook on “good enough” is SO right! I am a recovering perfectionist too! And yes, I put off things I couldn’t get immediately perfect and end up with messes that gathered up too. There really are things that are supposed to be “good enough.”

    I’m not a beef eater, but that stew still looks good! Cooking Light has some awesome recipes.

  3. I saw what perfectionist parents were doing to their kids and that cured me! I'm glad you've joined the club. And I think we're going to make that beef stew on the next rainy day here. I swear, half our new recipes come from you and Todd!

  4. Hi, I have always been that way too - and also have eased up in the last some years. Sometimes it is more fun to do things even tho you know you are average or even below average. Letting go of our own expectations can be the hardest. PS _ love the 'ears' and I love my crockpot too - use it about twice a week!!

  5. If anyone wants to cook this recipe be sure to add more salt than listed. Cooking Light is always a bit, well, light on the salt and that isn't a good idea with beef.

    I can't really tell you how much. A good sprinkle before browning and maybe 2-3 teaspoons to the whole mixture. Then you can add to taste as it is served.

  6. There is such beauty in a perfectly roasted coffee bean. And a nice hot cup of coffee brewed from said beans. Ahhh...

    And, I'm totally with you on the "good enough" idea. I know exactly what you mean. I get paralyzed sometimes with not wanting to mess up something. I've tried to move into the mode of thinking: Just try it. If I don't act, nothing will get done!

    The stew looks so comforting. Adding it to my list. It's cold here!!

  7. love your hoodie and I can smell the wonderful aroma of your coffee!!

    Not to be perfect is better for your life and your soul!


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