Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day After Christmas

Today we made some lemon ginger scones for breakfast, but I totally forgot to take any photos. After breakfast, my dad and Shelly left. But beforehand, we took some photos in front of the tree. I set the auto-timer to take 10 photos in a row.

Some photos turned out great.

Others... well, there was mischief.

After my dad and Shelly left, we went to run five miles at Lake Miramar. It had been a full TEN days since I had last run (in Hawaii). And it had been since December 5th that I ran five miles. My running and exercise has been very sporatic in December. That coupled with over-eating during vacation and the holidays, has made me gain a few pounds. I will be back to eating less and exercising more soon, so I can lose a few pounds again.

I forgot to bring my camera to Lake Miramar. It was slightly cloudy and overcast, even at 11:30am, so we ran pretty comfortably without getting too hot. The first three miles were pretty easy, but I felt tired in the last two miles. I compared notes with Todd after the run and he said he also got pooped out after three miles. We are out of shape! Need to run more, LOL.

Lake Miramar Run
Distance:  5.01 miles
Time:  55:35
Avg time/mile:  11:06
Calories:  496

After the run we had lunch at Chile Peppers.  Todd had two carnitas tacos, while I had three taquitos.  Yum!

Then we went home and promptly left with both cars, so we could drop Todd's car off to get some warranty service done.  They had replaced the intake manifold a few months ago, and subsequently the car has been leaking anti-freeze fluid.  Since they just did the work, they are fixing it for free.

In the afternoon we watched some bowl games and hung out.  We had leftovers for dinner.  Fred and Annie next door gave us some homemade Tres Leche Cake, so we ate some of that for dessert.
It was delicious!  Mmm...  Then I spent hours processing photos and blogging the last three days.  It's worth it for the memories.  I find that I don't even remember three days ago that well!  Today is officially Day 360 of Project 365.  Only five more days to go!
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