Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 3 - Water Fun

We got up at 7:30 this morning which meant 9 hours of sleep! The most Listgirl has slept in some time. I, on the other hand, manage to immobilize for 9 hours at least every other weekend. We decided to go back to Java Kai for breakfast. This time, we shared a macadamia nut waffle. Listgirl got the Kona coffee again and I had a soy chai latte. Is there a more effeminate drink that I could have ordered? Eh, I'm secure in who I am. And then, the highlight of the decade, the reason for living, the best of all possible worlds... I went waterskiing!! It's been over 20 years since I last did this and I was so excited when I realized I could hire a boat and a driver and go do it here. I'm not quite sure why it's been so long since I made this happen. Getting ready in front of Kauai Water Ski & Surf Getting in the water Reaching for flower - I missed. With our driver, Kenny After thoroughly tiring myself out on the ski, I had to replenish with some lunch. Scotty's Beachside BBQ had caught my eye the last couple of runs up the trail. So we gave it a try. The view was fantastic and the sun was out today. But the food was merely ok. Brett's is still the BBQ king! But I was filled and that was the goal. View from restaurant Chowing down Fed and happy, it was time to go back in the water. We grabbed our rented snorkel gear and headed south to Poipu to the acclaimed Poipu State Beach. Luckily it lived up to its billing because I was all ready to poo-poo Poipu. Our waterproof camera really paid off as we took lots of tropical fish photos. Looking ridiculous Still managing to look cute. From there, we headed over to a blowhole and watched the water shoot up and listened to the groaning sounds. Local legend holds that a giant lizard was trapped in there and the noises are its moans. Primitive beliefs are so cute! Finally, it was back to our area... As always, the views while driving are great. ...and dinner at Caffe Coco. On the upside, this spot has an ever changing menu that's hand-written white board. Also live music - but all we heard was the sound check. On the other hand, the seating was all outside and thus the mosquitos were a bit of a problemo. I think Listgirl added 9 new bites to her vacation collection. Boo on that! The food was very good though. We decided to balance our all-meat lunch with a meatless dinner. We had tofu Pacific rim platter, a vegetable samosa, and obviously banana spice cake. The most important food group! Back home to clean up and blog and call it a day!


  1. You are in Hawaii AND you went water skiing?? Are you trying to teach me a lesson on contentedness?? Growing up in central Florida, we went water skiing...a lot. I miss it.

    I love the pictures. The landscape ones, the underwater ones, and especially the banana spice cake. Because it simply isn't a day in Hawaii without Kona coffee and banana spice cake.

    Have another beautiful day in Hawaii...can't wait for the updates!

  2. Our upcoming trip to the movies after you two return and get settled is going to pale in comparison to what you're now experiencing. (But at least there will be popcorn, Todd!) Your photos and descriptions are stunning.

  3. Alright - your underwater pictures are great. What underwater camera do you have?

  4. WOW-WOW-WOW your waterskiing and diving pictures are fantastic

    have a wonderful stay!

  5. I want a piece of that banana spice cake. Yummy. Nice blow hole. LOL

  6. Margaret - our waterproof camera is Olympus SW 1030. That particular model may be discontinued, but Olympus has a whole line of reasonably priced waterproof and shockproof cameras.

  7. It looks so cool to waters-ski on the river! And with the beautiful mountains in the background. I can understand that you were thrilled!

    The underwater photos are also great. I loved our Olympus SW, but unfortunately the 10m (33feet) limit wasn't enough when diving. It withstand a couple of trips down to 18m (59feet) but then one day there were water inside of it. Not good. Even though we tried to dry it out, it simply gave up on a snorkeling trip short after.

  8. awesome action shots! love todd's big ol' grin!


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