Sunday, March 1, 2009

These Boots Are Made For Walkin'

Last night Todd played a show with Kim Divine and Matt Thompson at Lestat's. We were lucky enough to have Anne & Gilbert join us for the evening. We picked them up and headed down to Kensington for dinner at Burger Lounge. Anne & Gilbert hadn't been there before, so we were excited to introduce them to the yummy-ness that is Burger Lounge. Todd and the burger and fries. Photobucket Even though we had both run 10 miles yesterday morning, we decided that we could not each eat a huge burger and fries, so we shared the burger, fries, and a salad. Turned out it was a perfect portion. After dinner we headed down the street to Lestats. Kim and Matt were already there. At the practice Friday night, they had said it would be fun if all three of them wore boots. Todd has a pair of boots that he's never worn before. We got 'em on sale when he was playing with a rock band called "The Northstar Session", but somehow he never ended up wearing them during all that time. Now was a perfect opportunity! Photobucket Kim's gig poster electronically displayed in front of Lestats: Photobucket They played a seven song set:
  • Home
  • Blue Skies
  • Little Things
  • Without You
  • What's It Gonna Be?
  • Raining
  • It'll Be Alright
I took a short video of "Little Things" with my little Canon pocket camera. Not very clear, but still cool! Here are some photos I took during the show: Photobucket After the show: Photobucket And of course, with the boots: Photobucket Anne & Gilbert all spiffied up for a night of indie music: Photobucket Todd & I: Photobucket We got home pretty late, but Anne said it was worth it to stay up so late! We had a lot of fun with them. This morning, we made scones and called up our next door neighbors Fred & Annie for an impromptu brunch together. Basically, we invited ourselves over, LOL. Photobucket So we brought the scones, Annie made eggs, and Fred provided the coffee. Now, Fred is a complete coffee NUT. He redid his whole living room into a coffee bar, complete with all kinds of coffee, latte, expresso machines, etc. And Fred even roasts his own beans! Photobucket Photobucket


  1. great stories and pictures! The gig/the music sounds great - think you had much fun.

    Wow what a great burger - looks so yummy! And also the brunch with your neighbours

  2. I had to dig out my earphones to listen. Great music! I really like this! And what a great capture with your camera, the sound is amazing!

  3. I love how you blog!! Here it's 5 am and I can't sleep so I dropped by the Daily Digi and found this link! We have a few things in commom. I am also married to a fab, intelligent musician who plays keyboards for well-known Canadian artists and majored in jazz, and we are Christians! I only wish we also lived in such a beautiful place as you do!! Right now we've got three feet of snow covered with slippery ice! Nice to meet you!

    Lynne-Marie (Catscrap)

  4. This looks like such fun. I love how you both have the interests of both music and running, they both keep you really busy. You sound like fun next door neighbors, I would love to have you next door.

  5. Thanks so much for inviting us out on Saturday night. We had such a good time! And I love Fred's place -- wow, what a unique setup. Those scones look yummy -- are they from the World Market stash you picked up the other day?

  6. Yes, the scones are the mix we got from World Market. Yum-yum!

  7. I just love the video. I've wondered what she sounded like and thought I might have to come down some night. I can't believe the coffee bar either. OMGosh!! That's crazy!!

  8. Christine you are such a creative Jem! I love your blog. what a wonderful memory of your night. p.s. your burger and fries look sooooo good. As always it was wonderful having you there. Thanks so much for capturing it in your blog AND thank you for lending me your musical husband from time to time...he is fabulous! :) kim

  9. Your impromptu brunch sounds fantastic - how wonderful it must be to have great neighbors and your own personal barista at that!


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