Monday, March 2, 2009

It Hurts When I Push Here

Photo today: Photobucket Todd took this photo at Chris & Kim's memorial service today. They had their actual funeral service in Massachusetts, where they're from. But since most of their San Diego friends couldn't go, they organized one here. I wasn't there, but I'm sure Todd could tell you that many who were there could say, "It hurts when I push here" and point to their own hearts. Today I went to a noon time pilates class at my work gym. Somehow I injured myself. In the middle of the class I felt a sudden pain in my right shoulder/back, and the pain shot through my neck. It felt like a neck spasm, but it didn't go away. So I think I pulled some muscle or something. And now I can't move my head very much. "It hurts when I push here." :: pointing to my right shoulder :: What a bummer. I don't think I can run for a few days. You know what's NOT a bummer though? Digi Dare #122 is up! Come join in the fun as we scrap numbers, signs, and equations. Layouts are due at the Dare site by 11:59 PM ET this Thursday night in order to be eligible for prizes. Photobucket Here's my layout for the Dare: Photobucket Full credits here.


  1. I am sorry about the loss of your friends.
    Great layouts.

  2. what a fabulous LO you+me=
    beautiful music!! Fantastic!

    I´m so sorry about the loss of your friends - they were still young - aren´t they?

  3. Sorry for the loss, sometimes life really doesn't seem fair. So nice of them to have a service for the friends who couldn't visit the acutal funeral.
    And sorry about your hurt neck too, hope it gets better soon!

  4. I was sitting next to Todd when he snapped that picture. It was a beautiful service.

    Take special care of the pulled or strained muscle. My, aren't we all the walking wounded these days?!

  5. So sorry about Todd's coworkers. So sad. It's a bummer you pulled or strained something too. I hate it when things like that happen!

    Gorgeous layout. I think that this is my favorite!! Who is taking all your photos? This one is so fun. I wish I could get my dh out to take photos. First of all, his teeth are so bad he won't smile. That makes it hard!! Love Todd's shirt too. If you think it's still available somewhere...let me know. I want one for my youngest son. He's love it!! Like the sticker effect on the photo of you guys too...super job!!

  6. I love your layout. The colors are great and it has great movement to it. But, the most perfect part is the picture of you and can really see your love for each other!

  7. The service would have been a very sad affair, it is so hard when they were so young. It would be hard for you to be still while your shoulder gets better, let's hope that you recover quickly.

    I love the dare this time and your layout is just beautiful.


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